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WORLD WAR 1 AEROPLANES was founded by Leo Opdycke in 1961 and incorporated as a federally recognized 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation in 1979. In 2016 a decision was made by the Board of Trustees to dissolve the organization, and transfer the assets to the Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum to allow back issues, documents and other related items to remain available to the public.  

Over the years, two quarterly journals were produced by WWI Aeroplanes: WW1 Aero: The Journal Of The Early Aeroplane & Skyways: The Journal Of The Airplane 1920-1940. History comes alive within the pages of WW1 Aero and Skyways, which together offer a complete history of aviation from the pioneer era through the golden age. WW1 Aero details the beginnings of flight, from the time man first yearned to fly like a bird, through the primitive early flying machines, all the way to the dogfights of World War 1. Skyways indulges in the beautiful and innovative aircraft produced during the interwar period. Each journal illustrates history in stunning detail, with rare photos, drawings and articles from preeminent aviation authors and historians. Aviation history, air museum and air show news, restoration and replica projects, original aircraft construction materials and techniques articles and the world of scale aircraft modeling were the focus of these publications and they kept aviation historians, aircraft restorers, collectors, scale modelers and researchers from around the globe in touch as a community, long before the internet came along.


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WW1 Aero #227 – May 2016


227, May 2016, 60 pages – A Brief History of the Caproni Ca.1; Farnborough’s Final Flop; Sopwiths Over Kingston…New York; Drawings (Sopwith Pup); Aircraft: Coughlin D.VIII, Shaw Sopwith Camel, Airdrome Aeroplanes D.VIII; Museums & Organizations: Rhinebeck Nieuport 11, EAA AirVenture WW1 Event, Fantasy of Flight Curtiss Jenny; Models: Sal Calvagna Ilya Muromets, Jim Lund 1/72 Model Collection; Wants & Disposals


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SKYWAYS #111 – July 2015


SKYWAYS #111, July 2015, 84 pages – Press Photos through the Golden Age of Aviation; 20th Century Aircraft Company’s, Sky-King – C. Peter Colomello; Flossy the Flier : Central Washington’s First Woman Aviator – Dr. Paul Dumas, Jr.; Retz Aero Shop 6 – Don Olsen; Retz R-5 Drawings – courtesy of Bob Bailey; Rover Parasol – Aero Digest, September 1930; Fairchild 71, NC145H, Colonial Air Lines – Gerard Brinks, Jr.; Scrapbook – Travel Air Biplanes – C. Peter Colomello and Tom Polapink Photo Collections; The GAS Travel Air Biplanes – Golden Age Simulation’s latest release, French Flying Boats Ruined by Hitler’s Conquest of France – Jim Lund; Advertisements; How to get PDF and Print Issues of WWI AERO and SKYWAYS; New Merchandise from WWI AERO & SKYWAYS