WW1 Aero Index


33, Oct 1971 Bradley Field Museum

34, Dec 1971 Misc

35, Apr 1972 Bleriot XI (dwgs); Jim Ricklefs Spad

36, Jun 1972 1st list of fullscale dwgs for sale

37, Sep 1972 Jack Canary on rotaries; reprint of Air Board Tech Notes T.5 on the 80 Le Rhône

38, Nov 1972 More on 80 Le Rhône; AAHS Museum Tour list of HMSO publ; list of FLIGHT reprint articles on WWl a/c

39, Feb 1973 Law’s rocket flight of 1913; Caproni Museum Fokker D.VIII

40, Apr 1973 Pfeifer letter on 80 Le Rhône; dwgs for standard turnbuckles

41, Jun 1973 Anderson Rumpler C.X (dwgs); Coughlin’s Dr.I crash

42, Sep 1973 WWl uniforms; articles on wheels; INDEX WW1 AERO #33-42

43, Nov 1973 NASM on museum wheels; Avro 504K

44, Feb 1974 Short S-29; Fokker V 1

45, Apr 1974 Antoinette series; Jim Ricklefs Spad

46, Jun 1974 Curtiss Pusher; RAF Museum; Ballinger Fokker D.VIII (dwgs)

47, Aug 1974 more Curtiss Pushers; twin repro Spad 7s (Jim Ricklefs, Rockcliffe); Le Rhônes; Alb DVa; Fokker V.l; Platz airfoil/D.VII wing

48, Oct 1974 Alb D.V (dwgs); Swearingen & Ballinger on D.VIII wing; repro Sopwith Triplanes

49, Dec 1974 Curtiss MF; more Curtiss Pushers; WW1 a/c wheels

50, Feb 1975 Wright; more on twin Spad 7s; more Curtiss Pushers

51, May 1975 Bleriot; more Wrights

52, Jul 1975 Pfalz D.III; av-films

53, Sep 1975 Nieuport 1910 monoplanes; Air Museum at Krakow, Poland

54, Nov 1975 Curtiss N-9; more on avfilms; 2d available fullscale dwgs list; flying the Pup (& Le Rhône) Jim Ricklefs

55, Feb 76 Wissler a/c; Pilot Report: repro Vickers Gunbus; rotary engines mounted in front of prop; 1912 Bates

56, Apr 1976 Bruning-Forssman (Poll) Triplane Giant; more on front-mounted rotaries; reprint of C P Rodgers’ own book on transcontinental flight

57, Jun 1976 Taubes; Cayley repro; more Pushers; repro SE5’s; entire American Aeroplane Supply House catalog of 1912 (Long Island Bleriot builders) Part I

58, Aug 1976 Bristol Scouts; AASH catalog Part II

59, Oct 1976 cover of covers; reprints from earlier issues; INDEX WW1 AERO #33-58

60, Dec 1976 More on front-mounted Gnômes; more on Taubes; AASH catalog; MacMillan on rotaries

61, Feb 1977 Brandenburg seaplanes; Jack Canary obit; Berlin Museum; repro Neuports 24-27; photos of Fokker & Loerzer at play

62, Apr 1977 Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome; Manning-Flanders; Rockcliffe’s HS-2L; Sellers Quadruplane; WINGS TV series

63, Jun 1977 Aviation Till 1903; repro Vickers Viking

64, Sep 1977 Fokker Dr.I; letter re NASM; member & list British Aircraft Preservation Council

65, Nov 1977 Early and scale model aeroplanes; more on NASM

66, Jan 1978 Fokker D.VII; European air museums; 1917 Zaparka

67, Mar 1978 Rausenberger engines; pilot reports on repro Dr.Is; Hud Weeks’ Aero Antiquing 1; The New Builder; list of aviation journals

68, May 1978 Taube Limousines; Pilot Report: Wardle Blériot; flying the Shuttleworth SE5a

69, Jul 1978 Guttery on a/c restoration; Aero Antiquing 2; Kelley’s engine (dwgs) Baldwin Red Devil; Ed Brennan’s aeroplane works

70, Oct 1978 Pilcher; Swanson’s Spad 7

71, Dec 1978 Aviation books; Lloyd 40.15/16; more repro Dr.Is; Aero Antiquing 3; Wright controls

72, Feb 1979 Sopwith Camel; Wright control system

73, Apr 1979 Lloyd 40.06; Wallbro monoplane; Ed Packard on Cleveland-designed models; Art Williams on inverting the Ranger

74, Jun 1979 (mislabeled Sept 79) Bristol F2b; Wright Bros TV film; current (75th anniversary) Wright repros; “Gleanings in Bee Culture”- Root; Russian Sikorsky Le Grand repro

75, Sep 1979 Bleriot XI update; list of working dwgs update; fabric lacing; part-scale Pups; re manufacture of small radials, rotaries; INDEX WW1 AERO #60-75

76, Nov 1979 Aviatik C.III; Historiography (F2b at Elstree, Jarrett on avhistory writing); “Flight” (story); Silver Hill collection; available dwgs, cont’d; Bleriots, cont’d; Wright, cont’d; Ohmert F2b repro


77, Jan 1980 Hispano-Suiza Pt 1; the new Wings & Wheels; Olmsted pusher 1910; model Fokker D.VI, BE2e, 1/4 scale Gnôme

78, Mar 1980 Salis Collection; Roosevelt Field photos; Hispano-Suiza Pt 2; Kellett Wright Flyer; steel-tube model D.VII

79, May 1980 Platz/D.VIII wing/airfoils; Ontario Sci Ctr Pup; Paulhan-Tatin model; 2 Herring models; Time’s Tarmac; opening of NASM Early Flight Exhibit

80, Jul 1980 Scale models; Standard J-l; a/c of Leisure Sport: more on Wright Flyer; Campbell machine at NASM; taper-wing Camel; working model engines; Sea Tiger marine engine; restoration of Avro 504K prop

81, Sept 1980 Demoiselle; Yeovilton’s Short S.28; NASM’s Early Flight Exhibit; Henri Fabre and repro Hydravion; Scale 80 at Ottawa; update on working dwgs available

82, Dec 1980 BE2-series; Historiography; Tom Crouch on Wright, Fokker Dr.Is; Wille on propellers; operation of 160hp Gnômes; Rotorway Pw-100 engine; 1/4 scale Bentley; model SESa; sharpening chisels

83, Feb 1981 Thomas-Morse S-4 series; newly-found 50hp Gnôme; more on Std J-l, Bleriot XI, and Demoiselles; Fortner and Cecil Lewis on SE5 details; new Sopwith Tabloid; CH Grant, his career and aeroplanes; color authenticity in paints and fabrics: the Cooke tractor; more full-sized (dwgs) details on Quinney’s Nieuport 28

84, Apr 1981 SCALE MODEL ISSUE: scale accuracy, German natl insignia; new materials; new tools; Maxim-Spandau m/g (dwgs) scale wheels (dwgs); instruments dwgs (orig); scale wicker seats, (dwgs); corrugation; super-scale Pfalz D.III; adhesives; rib-making; etc.

85, Jun 1981 Fokker D.VI (working dwgs Pt 1); Champlin Museum; Sopwith Tabloid repro test-flight and construction report; Buick Invicta-powered Spad; Dunavent cutaway of Thomas-Morse S4C; Canadian Curtiss HS-2L restoration; Lorenz on Rhinebeck scale judging; model indexing jig; Hasegawa SE5a model kit review; Al Wilson’s fatal crash in his Curtiss Pusher

86, Sep 1981 Fokker D.VIII; Historiography (Museums & Archives); Dr.I article fr AIR ENTHUSIAST; WW1 AERO at Oshkosh 81; bending metal (models); Hargrave and the invention of the rotary; HELL’S ANGELS review; Owers’ H-P 0/400 (dwgs); Fokker D.VI const dwgs, Pt 1I; INDEX WW1 AERO #76-85

87, Nov 1981 20th Anniversary Issue; Olmsted Pusher 1912; The Wright Flyer: A Practical Aeroplane?; C S Rolls’ crash; Fokker D.VIII acceptances; extant D.VIIIs; Fokker D.VI dwgs, Pt 1II; Kelley on making 3-views from perspective (dwgs) models – scale fittings

88, Feb 1982 Curtiss JN-4 series; Wings & Wheels sale; People; Sayer’s repro Voisin; Clapp’s repro Sopwith Triplane; Swanson’s Siemens-Schuckert D.IV; color and finish, WWl a/c paints; 37mm cannon in Hispano-Suiza K

89, Apr 1982 Fokker E.III and Jarrett on the Science Museum E.III; the Wrights and stability, cont’d; SE5a landing-gear fittings; Sunderland on Kalgoorlie/Duigan/Avro designs; Ben Kelsey’s flight report on the Jenny; Fokker C.IV restoration project; Frederick Howard’s scale models; Lew Blackmore’s 1/4 scale Bentley; Hasegawa’s new Camel and Clerget kits; Don Srull’s Santos-Dumont 14bises

90, Jul 1982 DH-4, Spads (Musée de l’Air restoration, Ellic Somer on aerofoil, Charles Bourget’s fuselage dwg); Breese Penguin; Richthofen’s red color; source for new radials; manufacture of rotary engines; dwg of 110hp Le Rhône; updated full-scale dwg list

91, Sep 1982 Sopwith Triplane, (dwgs) Ivonette Miller and the Wrights; a/c at Pt Cook; the Shuttleworth Blackburn; OAHS Airshow; Spads 7, 13; DH-4 markings; Ansaldo SVA-10 dwgs (unequal-span wings); Identification X; more on color- Batter; more drawings, Updated; WWl FLIGHT articles listed and for sale; N&W Jäger

92, Dec 1982 SECOND SCALE SPECIAL: seatbelts; Mercedes (dwgs) SE5a cockpits; model plans; cowlings; details of Sopwith Snipe and D.VII; instruments, real and model; Hasegawa Camel critique; Foster, Scarff m/g mounts; Pilot Report: Mike Beach’s fullscale Bleriot XI

93, Feb 1983 Nieuport fuselages (Kelley); Ken Hyde’s Halberstadts, etc; Ansaldo, cont’d; Bleriot XI; Pearse Report; Sopwith triplane, cont’d; Benoist Korn (NASM); SE5a (Zilinsky, stress analysis, Bodeen 2-seater); Spad Notes 3, (dwgs) Avro 504K, cont’d; DH-4, cont’d; Sage Type 2

94, Apr 1983 PreWW1 Heath; Christmas Bullet; Penaud; Benoist flyingboat; Benoist-Korn, cont’d; Spad Newsletter; Halberstadts for sale; Fokker Dr.I dwgs updated; Palen’s Caudron G-3 & (dwgs) 2 Salmson engines; “Ostwagen-projekt 15” fraud-model; Ader Avion No 3 & (dwgs) Andermat Cruiser & Galvin pursuit (both Identification X); Atlas Deutscher Seeflugzeuge & (dwg) more on Drawinq List

95, Jul 1983 Barber Valkyrie; medical view of surviving WWI pilots; Penaud cont’d; Bristol-fashion; Avro 504 under const; quadruplanes; Fabre award; Benoist-Korn, cont’d; Christmas Giant; Brazilian Demoiselle; Caproni Fokker D.VIII; Albatros Album; captured German a/c in Paris; Guttman’s markings; Billy Bishop film (letters); Aerofilm; preWWI covering techniques

96, Sep 1983 50hp Gnôme; Champlin’s Aviatik-Berg D.I; papier-mache (fullsize!) Nieuport twin-boom seaplane; German prop decals fr the Hyde collection; Nieuport triplanes; Spad Newsletter 6; Aerofilm II; Olmsted propellers, cont’d; Curtiss R-2 (Time’s Tarmac); development of Pfalz D.III dwgs by Hennel; dwg for fus, Sperry Messenger

97, Dec 1983 Bristol Scout N5419; Woody Clapp’s fatal accident; the full set (described!) of Spad 13 (dwgs) dashboards; 3-view of Sopwith Swallow; Clark ornithopter; repro Supermarine Walrus; Henri Coanda’s models, works; flight report, Fokker Dr.I; Australian War Museum at Duntroon; The Final Reunion, Lafayette Flying Corps; Spad Newsletter 7; DH-4 production, Fisher Body

98, Feb 1984 Naval Aircraft Factory Giant Boat; Gnôme rotaries, cont’d; Gallaudet Bullets; XIV flies; Curtiss R-2, cont’d; Wilber-Curtiss; Battaille triplane; SE5a Sqdn News; Hasegawa Dr.I kit review; plastic kit reviews; Bishop film, cont’d; Fity aeroplane; pre-WWI FLIGHT articles list

99, Apr 1984 Ecker flying boat; Pardee on D.VII development; Benoist XIVb flight report; new Wright B, Curtiss A-l; more Gallaudets – kite, seaplane model, Bullets, flying boat 1913, D-series; Siemens & Halske contra-rotary; album of rotary engines; Moore Jenny model; more kit reviews; Higbee repro engines; Color & Modest Proposal

100, Jul 1984 Special 100th Issue; reprint of 1st Issue; Curtiss Pushers; Bleriot XIs; Gallaudet, cont’d; repro 1909 Grade; Andermat Bomber, cont’d, and Francis Collection; Morane A-l album; 2-seat SE5a; Sperry Messenger; Updated List of Technical Materials; Nowlen Aero: dwgs for 1913 Deperdussin, and review of their Langley kit; Ian Stair on making scale dwgs of aircraft, incl Stair Martinsyde Elephant (dwgs) repro Phoenix D.I; layout of Rex Scout; Kelley dwgs for Sopwith Bat Boat

101, Sep 1984 Fokker C.I; Roy Francis, cont’d; Ferko on historical accuracy and photographs; dwgs: Oeffag R-Boat; Sperry Messenger; SE5 Sqdn; Ecker, cont’d; D.VIIs in US Marine Corps; Identification X (serious problems!); rotaries, cont’d; Nieuport 28 markings; Udet’s candy-striped Dr.I; Gallaudet seaplane model, cont’d, Breguet G-3 (dwgs) Albatros B.I (dwgs) RAE dwgs, cont’d; repro Silver Darts in Canada

102, Dec 1984 SCOOP OF THE YEAR, Cockburn-Lange Pt 1; Ellehammer; Fokker D.VII a) by Fokker, Albatros or OAW; b) covering practices; c) photo album; d) control column; Sopwith triplanes; Pilot Reports, Wrights; Junkers J.I album; SE5a Sqdn; Sperry Messenger; Nieuport 11 ultralight; Color Project; Rohlfs’ altitude record; 2 experimental Lloyds, (dwgs) model Bristol Scout; flying the Nowlen Langley model and Wright Model A

103, Feb 1985 Batson Aero Yacht; Cockburn-Lange Pt 1I; Fokker C.I, cont’d; Cody’s accident; Albatros B.I restored in Vienna; flare pistols in German a/c; SE5a Sqdn & accident reports; Americans in Italian flying boats; Hafner’s Albatros D-series (dwgs) Teachman’s Bristol Scout (dwgs) German dwgs of captured Allied a/c; Gallery- posters from WW1; Photo-graphy: Pope on stereograms, Higbee on models in settings with people, Owers on the Frank Hurley color photos of WW1; Models: Fairlie on flying w/lifting tails, Campana’s Bleriot XI Militaire. Polapink’s R/C Morane A-1, Haight’s AD Scout Sparrow; Tips- Kelley on locating the CG; full list of PROFILE PUBLICATIONS

104, Apr 1985 Maxim; Musee de l’Air trip; Deutsches Museum opening; Bob Ralston’s AF; more Wrights; Whitney’s F2bs; Redfern’s AF, Sperry Messenger; Gotha Gl.VII/VIII; Archiv (P Grosz)- Fokker V-series, German a/c engine production, 12 Motorentafeln (3-views of German a/c engines); AGO C.IV death-dive (center-photo); markings- Paris Spads, Nungesser’s Nieuport 17, Fonck’s Spads; progress report, Color Project; Javelin V-6 aero engine, Ron Webster’s Whirlwind aero engine; Wilkinson’s Fokker Spinne model

105, Jul 1985 Cockpits/Instruments Pt 1; Historiography- the aviation press; Archiv: Gothas G.VII-IX); Sperry Messenger, (dwgs) Australian Bristol F2b repro; Supermarine Southampton restoration; details, Sopwith triplane repro; Kitchen’s Pfalz D.III repro; Antoinette I; Feist’s Jenny; Albatros Doppeltaube dwgs by Hafner; Sopwith standard (dwgs) Gallery- Maurice Busset prints; US pilots in Italian flyingboats; INDEX WW1 AERO #93-104; early model aeroplanes

106, Sep 1985 Hanriot HD-l (incl detailed dwgs); MacKenzie-Kennedy & his works; SE5a Sqdn; Project Midnight Ghost; Fokker Dr.I album; Sopwith Triplane ultralight; extant 1-1/2 Strutter; sailing glider at Owls Head Museum; Sperry Messenger; Archiv (Belgian Air Svc repair station); Cockpits II; Maxim, cont’d; Codding on engines; rotaries, cont’d; German crosses (Americal decals); Hafner’s model SE5a; Godel album; Identification X

107, Jul 1985 Spads VII, XIII; detail markings & finish of Fokker-blt D.VIIs; Cockpits & Instruments III; Archiv (Frontbestand Pt 1); Siemens-Schuckert D.III (dwgs in progress); list of published Master Plans; Hafner’s detail dwgs SE5a; Tighar & Nungesser & Coli; Gollin’s NO LONGER AN ISLAND

108, Feb 1986 Aircraft Museums (NASM Wright Flyer); Kennedy Giant, cont’d; Maxim, cont’d; Fokker C.I & Dekker prop; Austin Whippet; Bristol-Coanda; the Germans’ 1st Spad?; Hafner JN-4D (dwgs) Cockpits/ Instruments IV; Markings (von Richthofen’s red, SE5a, notes on Methuen Handbook); Archiv; Gallery; Models; Time’s Tarmac; Identification X

109, Apr 1986 Flyingboats in the Marine Co (details, dwgs of Curtiss F-Boat, FSL, HS-1L, HS-2L); repros Curtiss P-lC, Boeing P-12; Wallbro monoplanes; Sperry Messenger; Berg & Storm monoplanes; monocoque fuselages, etc; early Italian rotary engines; Knox Model 502 aero engine; Cockpits/Instruments V; ARGE-Phoenix update; dwgs of Brandenburgs W-29, 33, 34, 37, and W-12; Bennett’s Siemens-Schuckert D.III dwg Pt 1; Cradle of Aviation Museum; Hartlee Field; TIGHAR, cont’d; Color Project, First Returns; Archiv; Proctor N-28 kit project; Carl Buttita’s Breguet XIV, Spad, Boeing B-40; NASM Video Disc Project, cont’d: Identification X

110, Jul 1986 Desiqn, construction of a/c structures; Bristol Scout 3-views; wooden Walrus, new wooden flyingboat; Stropp revisited; Cockpits VI; IDX; 75th Anniversary naval aviation (Thomas-Morse seaplanes); Hafner’s dwgs of Alb W-4; pterodactyl models, incl NASM design; Wants & Disposals 1926 style

111, Sep 1986 Burgess, Herring-Burgess; Russell flying boat; Swanson Camel, Hanriot; Whitehead repro; Strahlmann 2-seat SE5a; Palen repro Caudron G-3 & original; ultralight N11, cont’d; Sperry Messenger; Nieuport 28; Cockpits VII incl N28; IDX; lozenge fabric, cont’d; Hafner E.III (dwgs) Kelley Bleriot III dwgs, Bleriot scrapbook; Gertler antique engines; Archiv: Friedrichshafen projects; Hauprich Alb D.III model; Time’s Tarmac: Curtiss America album; Cody Michelin Cup trial flight photos

112, Dec 1986 25th Anniversary Issue; Historiography: Albatros D.I/II dwgs studied; Wrights, cont’d (research on the 1903 engine, hunt for Wright glider 5, Hasegawa Wright Flyer kit reviewed by Mikesh, 1903 Engine- a Pope-Toledo?, Robt Thelen & his Wrights); Nieuport triplanes, cont’d, by Bruce; Antoinette Monobloc, original, and Weiss’ model; Hyde’s renewed Jenny; Strahlmann’s SE5a; Spettacolo Aeronautico; Cockpits VIII; Archiv- Cockburn-Lange photos, concl; NASM videodisc, contd; Cole Palen’s new original Nieuport 83; Gallery: Clayton Knight

113, Feb 1987 Evolution of the a/c engine 1914-18; Fiat A-12; Archiv: Fokker V l; Wrights, cont’d- Kellett, Culick; repro Il’ya Muromets; Whitehead repro; SE5a dwgs (variants); Cockpits IX; Models; Film; INDEX WW1 AERO #105-112

114, Apr 1987 USAF Museum DH-4; the Wrights, cont’d (the Problem, Culick wind-tunnel tests, the front elevator); early aviation in Russia; SE5a Sqdn; German Caudron G-3; Sperry Messenger; Spads VII/XIII: surviving Italian Spads, restoration of NASM Smith IV; early aero engines II; Archiv: the Thulin fable; Cockpits X; Hafner’s flare pistols (dwgs) 3 original Bristol F2B dwgs

115, Dec 1987 Pilotless aircraft; Historiography: dwg accuracy, cont’d; SE5a Sqdn; Fokker Spin; Tate’s 28; evolution of a/c engines Pt 1II; Kiger T-M S-4C dwgs reviewed; Nazi SE5a (ctr spread); TOP GUN meets Dr.I; Archiv & Jeannin Taube, Alb B.IIA; Cockpits XI; Models; Gallery; (RM Saundby)

116, Sep 1987 Time’s Tarmac Issue; le Corbusier on Flight; Phillips, 1844; Webb-Peet, 1907; Gilmore, 1908; Nieuport 1909 (dwgs) Selvage, 1909; Spettacolo Aero-nautico; von Pomer, 1910; Tillinghast, 1910; repro Queen Blériot, 1911; Hucks/Beachey Loopers, 1913; Taubes, cont’d; Harriet Quimby; Ingram-Foster, 1914; Paris Then; Patents; Cockpits; Letters: C Lewis, A King, CG Grey

117, Dec 1987 Aeroplane wheels; Hendon F2b; ultralight N-11, N-12; Tunison Scout, cont’d; SE5a Sqdn; Sperry Messenger; Grade, cont’d; Pliska; Brussels Air Museum; Musee de l’Air; Cockpits XIII; Spad A.2, A.4; Archiv (Fokker-Schneider); BAT (Target) Monoplane; Schütte-Lanz D.VI (dwg) Time’s Tarmac; Patents; Film, TV film of Cayley repro; IDX; Models, Sabel Libellule dwgs, Owens Goupy II (dwgs) Publications, von Mises (Aviatik) (dwgs) Leisure Sport a/c auction

118, Feb 1988 Pilot Reports (Avro IV, F2B, Avro 504K, Bellanca 1911, Bleriot XI, Bristol Box Kite, Bristol Scout, Curtiss Pusher, DH 5, D.VII, Dr.I, Pfalz D.III, Roland D.VIb, Pup, Caudron G-3); Historiography/ Aviation Press; 60 MINUTES/ White-head; Spad S.11 (dwgs) Fokker Spin (dwgs) LMG 08/15 m/g (Spandau) (dwgs) Wright front elevator; Archiv (Einstein); Cockpits XIV; overhauling the Hisso; Patents; IDX; Models (making thin edges); INDEX WW1 AERO #113-117

119, Apr 1988 RAF BE.l; Nieuport 28, cont’d; Spads; Archiv (seaplanes: Hansa Brandenburg W 20, LFG V 19); early aviation in Russia; DH-9 accident; Stair on (dwgs) Morane N (dwgs) OX5 (dwgs) Pilot Reports (Curtiss JN-4D, SE5A); Cockpits XV; Patents; Abbott’s Fighter Markings Collection; static rotaries; Models (The Hoax, concl); Time’s Tarmac Film- Old Rhinebeck

120, Jul 1988 Early Japanese Aviation; Sperry aerial torpedo repro; Spads; Farman F46 restoration; Eastchurch Kitten, (dwgs) Faccioli a/c; date early a/c Engines; Pilot’s Reports: Wrights, Sopwith 1-1/2, RAF BE; Roland Garros; Cockpits XVI; Dwgs Daimler D.I, Fokker V 8, V 11, V IR, Lohner Pfeilflieger, Barron Flecha, Barron W, Spad XI; Archiv; Markings: American Nieuport 12; surrendered Lohner L.127; Models: Pfalz D.III notes on fus, Pénaud Planophore dwgs.

121, Sep 1988 Cody, (dwgs) USMC T-M S4s, (dwgs) RAF SE4a; dwgs Sikorsky Grand; Roe I repro; Etrich Taube (dwgs) repro Duigan; Historiography; Pilot Reports (Thomas-Morse S-4B, S-4C, Bleriot XI); Cockpits XVII; Archiv- Fokker V 21, wood fus D.VIIs, dwgs V 3 (D VII); dwgs Bobolink; Models; Time’s Tarmac; Engines; 1920s war-surplus a/c disposal list

122, Dec 1988 Early models; “Flight” story; 7/8 DH-4; Gonzales; McCabe; BE.2c repro; Fokker C.IV restoration; 2-seat Sopwith triplane repro; Harriet Quimby, cont’d; Fokker Dr.I Bourget (dwgs) Sutton belt (dwgs) USAO-l/XB-lA (dwgs) Archiv: V 21, V-Type List; Avro/Edwards/ Cowley engines; Cockpits XVIII incl Dr.I; Russian civil aviation museum; US Markings (Bowers); Tips; The New Builder (reprint of all of them); IDX; Film; list PROFILE PUBLICATIONS

123, Feb 1989 Siemens-Schuckert D.III & (dwgs) Burgess Pt 1I; Historiography; Alb D.I L’AEROPHILE article; Curtiss M, T-Boats; Koolhovens; Janin patent boat; Van Dersarl; Archiv, NASOB VTO; Cockpits XIX; Engines; Models; Drawings; Orenco, Sopwith, Fokker Catalogs; Time’s Tarmac; INDEX WW1 AERO #118-122

124, May 1989 Pfalz D.XII, (dwgs) Montgomery, (dwgs) Historiography file; Fokker D.VII restoration; SE5E; Fokker C.IV in Maine; Roe Mk I triplane, (dwgs) Archiv (Navy colors); Cockpits XX; Museums (Dallas, Moscow, Berlin, Pioneer Village); Engines; Models; IDX; Film

125, Aug 1989 Halberstadts, cont’d; AFM Curtiss D repro; German hex fabric; SE5a album; Chanute glider repro, (dwgs) Moon Moonbeam, (dwgs) Film; Pilot Reports (Curtiss Pusher, Bleriot XI); Cockpits XXI (Hanovers); AFM Caproni Ca.36; Berckmans Speed Scout, (dwgs) Fokker Spin, (dwgs) Archiv; Engines; Time’s Tarmac (wrecks); IDX; Models

126, Nov 1989 Burgess Pt 1II; Fowler-Gage; Halberstadt D.IV; pilotless a/c; Dornier V 1; Spads, cont’d; 1st torpedo plane?; Museum für Verkehr und Technik, DLS (Deutsche Luftfahrt Sammlung); Krzyzan (dwgs) Caproni Museum; Sikorsky trip; Engines, twin double-Gnôme; Cockpits XXII; Archiv (searchlights on a/c); IDX; Dwgs (Antoinette, US m/gs, Argus, Breese Penguin, Alb D.II ribs); Time’s Tarmac; Color/Markings (US Army, more on hex fabric); Models; Film; Publications, incl dwg of Jeannin Stahltaube; W&D (incl dwgs of 1911 Willis)


127, Feb 1990 RAF RE-8; Spad Pulpits; Burgess Pt 1V, the Racer; Sikorsky Grand; Historiography Bookshelf; 6 Jennys; Cockpits XXIII; IDX; Engines, Clergets; Models; Dwgs (RAF SE4); INDEX WW1 AERO #123-126; Gallery

128, May 1990 The Wright Stuff (gliders); London-Manchester race; Alb D.Va photos, (dwgs) Lepere LUSAC; Archiv- Szigeti; Allies’ wartime aircraft; Woodall Sopwith triplane; Cockpits XXIV; Engines (OX5); dwgs: BE2, Sopwith Snipe, Hanriot seaplanes; IDX; Mus/Org; Models; Time’s Tarmac (Langley Field photos)

129, Aug 1990 Colored hex fabric cover, full-sized; hex color system; Burgess Pt V; Lawrence & Jannus flyingboats; Channel Crossing 89; Alb D.Va structure; Musee de l’Air fire; passenger reports; Etrich Taubes; IDX; Archiv (exhaust stacks); Cockpits; Engines (200hp Clerget); Rotherham air pump; Propellers (Paragon, Flottorp dwgs); Dwgs (incl Morane-Saulnier BB, D.VII fus); Models (incl exp Fokker fighters); Film; Letters (incl original Rickenbacker letter)

130, Nov 1990 Herring; Burgess Pt VI, flyingboats; Augustus Herring; Historiography; Wright front elevator; Rossiya B; 3-views fr photographs; Gallery; IDX; Cockpits; Engines (80 Le Rhône); Dwgs (wing D.VIII, Aermacchi-Nieuport (dwgs) Museums (USAF Museum); Archiv (Richthofen-Fokker, exhaust systems, concl); Models; Film (WW1 avfiIms

131, Feb 1991 Langley; Wright Stuff II; Montgomery, cont’d; AJD project; Eole model (dwgs) Sopwith Camel restoration, dwgs variants; Cockpits XXVI; Museums (Weeks, Champlin); Archiv (radiators); Engines (Macomber rotary); Dwgs- 1910 Farman, Bleriot tailplane, Brandenburg C.I, OEFFAG R flyingboat; INDEX WW1 AERO #127-130

132, May 1991 Wright Stuff IIbis; Burgess VII (Dunne); Lilienthal 100; The Great Airship; SE5a Sqdn News; repro Wright 1903, Alb D.Va; Time’s Tarmac (Butusov); Archiv (Halberstadts); Engines (Frederickson rotary); Cockpits XXVII; Museums; Color (hex, stelleforms); Eiffel’s wind-tunnel models, (dwgs) Bennett’s Siemens-Schuckert D.III dwgs, cont’d; IDX; Film: What Next?; Historiography; Gallery

133, Aug 1991 Wright Glider; Burgess Pt VIII; Grigorovich; Orenco; Pilot Report 70% DH-4; USAFM LUSAC; Bristol-Coanda; Italian D.VIIIs; Cockpits XXXVIII, incl C&I Index of all items since WW1 AERO #33; Archiv; IDX (Christie monoplane; Color (Kiger, Huntley); Museums (Dübendorf, Aerodrome 92); WW1 Gallery; Models; Propellers; Dwgs (Sopwith Baby, original D.VIII fus, new Alb D.II); Film

134, Nov 1991 30th Anniversary Issue: Bruning-Forssmann (Poll) Giant; Kress; Steco; Curtiss Americas; Butler-Ames; German Navy hex fabric; Aerodrome 92; SE5a Sqdn; Patents; Experiments at Curtiss; Cockpits XXIX; 3-Views from photographs, cont’d; N27 dwg, Tummeliten (dwg) Archiv; Engines; IDX; Museums; Models: Herring-Brock dwgs, rocket-powered Bleriot 1910

135, Feb 1992 Wright Stuff Pt 1IIA (1907/9); Burgess IX; Curtiss Pusher ailerons, cont’d; Martinsyde transAtlantic a/c; Fokker D.VII (handling, AHG Fokker; Swiss D.VIIs; wing spars); Cockpits XXX; Sikorsky “Gotha”; Fokker radiators; Linner’s Taube crash; Archiv: Aviatik D-series; Engines; NASM Gallery review; 1909 Farman (dwgs) 3-views from photos, cont’d; Models; INDEX WW1 AERO #131-134

136, Apr 1992 Time’s Tarmac Issue; Wrights IIIB; Ingram-Foster; Balloons in Russo-Japanese War; RE8 album; Samson’s Camel; von Richthofen miscellany; AJD repro Avro 504K; SE5a Sqdn; Cockpits XXXI; WW1 airfoils; Bleriot XI detail (dwgs) new Dr.I (dwgs) Fokker C.I (dwgs) Archiv: 10pp of Baubeschreibungen; Museums; What Last?; Engines; IDX; Models (several Alb D.Vas; Film (EAA videos); Imrie’s new Fokker Dr.1 book pre-reviewed

137, Aug 1992 Rinek I; Burgess-Dunne X; Curtiss S-series, (dwgs) Ansaldo A-l, (dwgs) Synchronizers Pt 1; early aeroplane finishes; Archiv (Baubeschreibungen II; Wright glider in Maine; SE5a Sqdn; Cockpits XXXII; Nieuport XI colors; propeller tipping; German airfoil sections; orig Aviatik-Berg D.I (dwgs) Torrance Dr.I (dwgs) Kondor D.VI (model); wheel lacing; Engines (Napier Cub), overhauling a Mercedes; IDX; Models; Aerodrome 92 Update; Gallery; Models (fullscale Pensuti model)

138, Nov 1992 What Next?; Historiography; repro Wright; Rinek II (engines); Harry Jones’ a/c; Weeks, Riggs, Wehr; Johnson monoplane; unequal span wings; Lohner L.127; Time’s Tarmac; Museums (Mikesh on restoration); Balboni, cont’d; Archiv (LVG factory); Synchronizers II; Cockpits XXXIII; 3-views from photographs computer pgm; Engines; original Knoller-Alb B.I (dwgs) Models (DLS model); IDX; Gallery

139, Feb 1993 Wright Stuff IVa; Burgess XI; Pfalz Dr.I; Engels’ Fokker Dr.I; SE5a Sqdn; Puzzles (N l7 & Camel engine changes; top longeron on Dr.I; JN-4 fus fittings); Aerodrome 92; IDX; Time’s Tarmac; movie a/c; Cockpits XXXIV; Pilot Reports (Coughlin D.VIII, Palen Camel); Museums (incl Caproni Museum); Drawings (incl ultralight J9/D1, Thulin B; repro Hansa-Brandenburg C.I; Lilienthal); Models (Aerodome 92); INDEX WW1 AERO #135-138

140, May 1993 Wright Stuff IVb; Burgess XII; Rosamonde; Halberstadt Cl.IVs; repro 1911 Cessna; Jim Nissen’s Jenny accident; Drawings (incl orig Fokker D.VIII fus dwg II, original D.VIII rudder, Fokker D.III dwgs, Sopwith Baby construction); conservation of early engines; Roberts aeromotor; Burgess-White X-lG aeromotor; Cockpits XXXV, Roland C.II & Gotha G.V; Archiv (Russian a/c skis); Time’s Tarmac- Jenny formation photo; Models; Publications (Carpenter’s book PENDULUM, cont’d)

141, Aug 1993 RAF SE.l; DH-9A; airship sheds; Zeppelin aftermath; Connecticut Aircraft Co and US Navy dirigibles; What Next?; Historiography; Iseman’s D.VII crash; Roland D.VIb restoration; Archiv (Taube); IDX; Pilot Report Bleriot XI; Cockpits XXXVI; Propellers (tractor for 150hp Hisso; German designs); Engines; Time’s Tarmac (Jenny formation photo cont’d); Museums incl Caproni Museum); Film; Models; Drawings incl 2-seat Camel, Warchalowski; Letters; Publications

142, Nov 1993 Langley survivors; Wright Stuff IVc: Burgess XIII; Ritchell Airship; AHG Fokker speech; Synchronizers III; parachutes; a/c at Krakow, Poland; Palen’s new D.VII; Andermat bomber, cont’d; more on Jenny photo; Farman MF-11 (dwgs) USMC flyingboats; Engines; Models; Publications

143, Feb 1994 Cole Palen; Historiography (John Morrow) Maxim’s Device; Curtiss Pushers I; Burgess XIV; Hubner; Roland D.VIb; SE5a Sqdn News; Pilot Reports (D.VIIIs, Sopwith Triplane, Nieuport 12); Cockpits XXXVIII; Archiv (German aero engines); Engines; Substituting for WW1 Engines; Problems with the 200hp French Hispano-Suiza; Time’s Tarmac (Vedrines-Astoux; de Bruyere C.l; Breda-Tebaldi-Zari); Museums; Dwgs (Staaken R.VI, misc 3-views, Fokker D.VII prop, compass); Models (1:1 Pensuti); Film (HELL’S ANGELS, cont’d); Letters; Publications

144, May 1994 Curtiss Pushers II; Packard-Lepere LUSAC-ll; LUSAGH-ll; LUSAO-ll; Roland D.VIb; armoured fuel tanks; the Salvus parachute; repro Fokker Dr.Is; Dwgs (Junkers J.I, Spad A.l, Beardmores, aerial bombs, Morane H; AR.l fus, Mozhaiski 1883); Cockpits XXXIX; Pilot Reports (new British Camel); Museums; Time’s Tarmac; Spettacolo Italiano (Lancia engine); Engines (incl Wright Field installation dwgs); Models; R/C model of Ader’s Eole; Letters (more on unequal-span wings); Publications

144, May 1994 Curtiss Pushers II; Packard-Lepere LUSAC-ll; LUSAGH-ll; LUSAO-ll; Roland D.VIb; armoured fuel tanks; the Salvus parachute; repro Fokker Dr.Is; Dwgs (Junkers J.I, Spad A.l, Beardmores, aerial bombs, Morane H; AR.l fus, Mozhaiski 1883); Cockpits XXXIX; Pilot Reports (new British Camel); Museums; Time’s Tarmac; Spettacolo Italiano (Lancia engine); Engines (incl Wright Field installation dwgs); Models; R/C model of Ader’s Eole; Letters (more on unequal-span wings); Publications

145, Aug 1994 Ludlow; Hyde Wright B; Pigeon Hollow Spar Co (Pigeon-Fraser); BE2a(?) wings; repro Sikorsky S-16; Albatros H l; Roland C.II, (dwgs) repro Brandenburg C.I; IDX; Time’s Tarmac (Thomas BP Battleplane); Synchronizers IV; Cockpits XL; Museums (Skysport Eng, Visit to Messers Humbers Ltd); Archiv; Engines (cannon thru propellers); dwgs (Cash D.VIII model; Fischer D.VI; Mayrhofer Alb D.III); Film; Gallery; Models (Proctor’s E.III); Letters (Knowlton D.VII name-plate); Publications

146, Nov 1994 US WW1 Fighter Program; Curtiss Pushers III; Christmas, cont’d; Packard Commercial Airplane; Museums; Aerodrome 94; Engines (Chevy engines in Vickers Vimy); dwgs (.30cal Browning, Wight Navyplane, factory dwgs Hansa-Brandenburg C.I; Bleriot XI; Vuia No 1); Cockpits XLI (DH-2); Archiv; Time’s Tarmac (Italian Wright accident, Harriman Aerocar, early Fokker account); Gallery; Tips (wire-splicing); Models; Publications (Richardson on translation); Letters (Seiser on early restoration; Pensa on Let Us Remember Also)

147, Feb 1995 Historiography; Bell kites; Coanda glider; Spett Aeronautico; Wright Stuff IVd; a/c of Mexico; Fokker cantilever wing; Mus/Org (Caproni Museum, Aerodrome 94); Film; Mayrhofer D.III, Owl’s Head Fok C.IV, Spad S.11; SE5A Sqdn; IDX; Cockpits XLII; Time’s Tarmac; dwgs (original Fok D.VIII dwgs, Ansaldo SVA propeller); Models; Publications; INDEX WW1 AERO #143-146

148, May 1995 Spettacolo Aeronautico; Curtiss Pushers IV; BE2; Synchronzers V; Sikorskys H-l thru S-27 Time’s Tarmac; Archiv (German a/c structures); Cockpits XLIII; Abbott’s documentation (dwgs) Alb D.III (dwgs) Loening Speed Scout (dwgs) D.VII radiator (dwgs) Engines; Museums; Models; Letters (responses to Historiography in #147); Publications

149, Aug 1995 UFOs, turn of the century; C M Manly (dwgs); Russian Aero-hydroplanes; Fokker Dr.I puzzle; Albatros H-l; Parachutes; Gallery; dwgs (D.VIII tail, Drachen & Caquot balloons, Ansaldo DD, Linton-Hope hulls; Cockpits (Salmson 2-A2]; Mus/Org; Archiv (new Roland?); Time’s Tarmac; Engines (use of auto engines); Models (plans for Bleriot and Harlan Eindecker)

150, Nov 1995 Wright Stuff IV; Albatros D.II colors, (dwgs) Fokker Dr.I longerons, cont’d; Bresciani seaplane; McCook Field veneer fuselages, (dwgs) Owl’s Head Museum; Luftwaffen Museum; Archiv (AEG-Wagner); Cockpits & Instruments (German data-plates); Time’s Tarmac (Keppel a/c); Engines (accessories, dwgs); Dwgs (Kiger SE5A dwgs, Swiss a/c; SIA 7B 1); Gallery (Frank Munger); Toelle on German colored fabrics; Models (Scale Judging)

151, Feb 1996 The Sigrist Bus; Australian SE5as, + list of extant SE5a’s worldwide; a/c of Mexico + Kantner-Moisant; Spettacolo Italiano (“enemy a/c,” dwgs); IDX; dwgs (LVG C.V, -VI, Alb D.III wings (4 different mfgrs), D.VIII tailplane, USD-9A); Cockpits & Inst XLVI; Pilot Reports (Gnôme Camel, Corvair Nieuport 12); Museums/Organizations; Models; Time’s Tarmac; Publications (dwgs Nieuport IIN, 1909 Martin); INDEX WW1 AERO #147-150

152, May 1996 Cody, auction, etc; new repro Wright; Curtiss Pushers Va (original dwgs); Fokker D.VIIs in the US; Restoring a Jenny; DH-4 variants; Cockpits XLVII; metal aircraft structures; Archiv (Turkish a/c); IDX; dwgs (original DH-l dwg); Museums (Japanese); Models; Historiography

153, Aug 1996 OE Williams’ works; the Kinston Demoiselle; Nyrop-Ask; Thulin NA, (dwgs) Gabardini, (dwgs) bldg Woodall Sop Triplane; Film; Gallery; Romanian a/c; Cockpits XLVIII (flotation bags); Time’s Tarmac; IDX; Museums (Aerospace Ed Ctr, Owl’s Head Museum, Glenn Curtiss Museum, NASM’s N28); dwgs (Axial propeller, 1913 Harlan, Nieuport IV, Fokker C.IV); Engines; Models

154, Nov 1996 Aero Club of America Pt 1; building Lilienthal glider; Stashnik Dreadnaught; RAF RE8 Pt 1II; Fokker D.VII details; Synchronizers Pt VI; Archiv (DFW N.I); IDX; Museums/ Organizations (Vintage Av Svcs, Lafayette Foundation, Cradle of Av Museum, Owl’s Head, Walt Redfern; the Big Dayton Fly-In; Time’s Tarmac; Cockpits & Instruments (Camels, etc); Propellers (German props, decals; French design/construction); Engines; dwgs (Vickers Vimy, Etrich Taube, Spad 7 project, Scale Judging, cont’d, Italian observation balloons); Models; Film; Publications; Letters; Historiography

155, Feb 1997 Aero Club of America Pt 1I; Curtiss Pusher Pt Vb; Miami Curtiss Flying School; Walden; Gramaticesco: George Lanzius; Greek Astra Aircraft (Gotha G.VI); Preview Fokker E.III piece; IDX; Time’s Tarmac; Engines (Wolseley Adder, Liberty; Cockpits & Instruments #50 (cf cover this issue!) and complete C&I Indexes; Museums & Organizations; Dwgs (Curtiss F, Austro-Hungarian m/gs, 1909 Farman, Dornier D.I; Models: Gallery; Film (incl Walter Boyne on our review of FOUR YEARS OF THUNDER)

156, May 1997 Vuia; Chanute glider in Maine; repro Curtiss E-Boat; covering Fokker E.III, (dwgs) Archiv (Alter D.I); Russian a/c skis, (dwgs) Admiralty Competition rules; Pilot Reports (Curtiss Pusher, Sopwith Pup, Fiat, Caproni); Gallery; Flying Instruction Pt 1; Cockpits & Instruments #51 (Curtiss N-9); Dwgs (Lepere USAO-11, Spad 20, Spad XIIIc1, Loening Kitten; German gun-rings, Alb D.III control stick, Bleriot XI 2-piece elevators, Etrich Taube); Engines (110 Le Rhône, Gnôme 18c, repro Argus, 160hp Oberursel); IDX; Museums/ Organizations (Carl Swanson, Old Rhinebeck, Museo del’Aria, Owls Head); Film (GREAT WAR & SHAPING, etc); Models; Historiography (avhistory charts, development article); Letters (Wright letters); Publications (including GREAT WAR & SHAPING, etc)

157, Aug 1997 Andrew Baird; Hoffar a/c; Duigan #2; Breguet; Albatros history Pt 1; Rumanian Staaken; Carolina Av Co; WWI flying instruction Pt 1I; Museums/Org; Jarrett Collection; Letters; Historiography; Cockpits & Instruments #52 (F5L, and Roland C.II, + extra C.II photos); Bugatti aero-engines; Dwgs (Kiger Snipe, Curtiss HA, JN-4D); Film (Japanese museum); Pilot Reports (Spad); Models (Arizona Aircrafters DH-1A); Publications

158, Nov 1997 Romanian glider; Moisant & Hoxsey crashes; Paul’s Bumblebee; Wentworth’s new Sopwith Tabloid; Curtiss Pushers Pt V(c); early Martin-Handasyde, (dwgs) Curtiss R-4L, (dwgs) Archiv (Pfalz D.XII fuselage); Albatros History Pt 1I; Pilot Reports (D.VII, Standard J-1, Fokker Dr.I accidents); Film; Gallery; Aircraft (Harkey Bristol Scout, dwgs of Duigan #2); IDX; Cockpits & Instruments LIII (F5L); Museums/Org (Flugwerft Schleissheim, Jarrett Collection); Models (Buttita’s work, Eduard Sopwith Baby); Letters (false Halberstadt rudder); Historiography (Higham essay on WWI airpower); Publications

159, Feb 1998 ornithopters; Aurel Vlaicu, (dwgs) repro Demoiselle restored, (dwgs) Fokker gliders; Pilot Reports (N.11, RAE Farnborough); Aircraft (Vickers Vimy, San Diego Fokker E.III, Freeman’s 1910 Farman); Cockpits & Instruments LIV (Curtiss HS-1L, dwgs); Museums; Drawings (Sopwith Torpedo-plane, Albatros 2-seaters); IDX; Models (Polapink’s display, McClure’s Bat Boat); Letters; Historiography; Publications (3-views fr AIRCRAFT YEAR BOOKS, 200 titles on aeronautics); W&D; Gallery; INDEX WW1 AERO #155-158

160, May 1998 Curtiss predictions 1910; Roe-Duigan- Influence; Avro 504K researches; Rickenbacker Revisited; German AF (Albatros series); Liberty engines; Museums/Organizations; IDX; Archiv (Fokker E.IV); Cockpits & Instruments LV (DH-9A); Drawings; Engines; Film (Computer games); Models; Letters; Historiography; Publications; Gallery; W&D

161, Aug 1998 George Spratt & the Wrights; Cody, cont’d; Curtiss Pusher V(d); Shipboard Catapult; Johannisthal Airfield; Archiv (Fokker M 17/18); Projects (Jalisco, Dumas Triplane, Fitz Patrick ornithopter); Engines (Galloway Adriatic, 80hp Gnôme, 90hp RAF); Bleriot XI tail-heaviness; Heinz Linner; Times Tarmac (J Miller); Paul de Lesseps; Drawings (Thomas-Morse S-4C, Heinrich 1909 monoplane, Dan Abbott’s Dr.I; Peterson’s D.VII spar machine; RAAF mechanic’s notebook; Spad M/g synchronizer dwgs); Museums/Org (book review of Roberts book; Memorial Flight a/c; RAF Museum a/c); Gallery (Absolut vodka ad, postcards; barrage balloons); Models; Letters (Col Jarrett’s letter) Historiography; Publications; W&D

162, Nov 1998 Editorial (people); Pioneers; Pilot Report (Voisin Type III); Romanian flying schools; Al Kiefer’s Jenny; USMC Curtiss R-6; Colors, etc (incl D.VII fuselage dwgs); Aircraft (Halberstadt, T-M S4C, Grade repros); Archiv (Rumpler 7D7, dwgs); Times Tarmac (Accidents); Models; Museums/ Organizations; Drawings (more dwgs available, Caudron G-3, Aviatik Eindecker, Rozendaal Farman); Gallery (Attack on the Mole, ctd, WEIRD WAR TALES); Letters (Albatros H-1); Historiography; Publications; W&D

163, Feb 1999 1903 Wright project; Battaille triplane; Ferranti on stability; WWI pilot narratives; Pilot Reports (Avros); Archiv; Aircraft; Time’s Tarmac (accidents); Museums/Organizations; Gallery; Cockpits LVI; Colors; IDX; Engines (repro 1st DH engine); Drawings (Ursinus, Alb Wasser-Taube, Voisin Racer; Queen-Martin; Alb Military Biplane; Browning, Marlin m/gs; Models (1/2 scale Demoiselle); Film: Letters: Historiography; Publications (Engels’ Fokker book & dwgs); W&D; INDEX WW1 AERO #159-162

164, May 1999 The Wright Patent and US Military Av in WWI; Russian Curtisses (Curtiss E Hydroplane dwg); the Friedrichshafen raid; Pilot Reports (Triplanes: Sopwith, Dr.I); Aircraft Shuttleworth Camel; Farman Sport; Mayrhofer D.III; Guy Black’s restored F2B; Drawings (BAT Monoplane, Voisin Canard; Kiger’s D.VII; Hall seaplanes; 1911 Breguet; Grade bamboo jointing; Austrian seaplanes; Kelley updated D.VIII; Cockpits & Instruments (Aeromarine 40); Filiasi; Alb D.III radiator, tailskid and rudder; Albany Flier; Historiography; IDX; Museums/Organizations (Old Rhinebeck; Gustav Whitehead; Gallery (George Pratt’s Enemy Ace, War Idyll); Models; Publications (New Books for the Aeronautical Library, FRENCH AEROPLANES BEFORE THE GREAT WAR); W&D

165, Aug 1999 Russian Curtisses Pt 2; Learning to Fly in the RNAS; Nieuport 28 failures; Walton’s Dr.I; Skiving; Cockpits & Instruments LVIII (H-16a); Aircraft (extant Berg, Taube; Alb D.IIIs; Alb H-1); Archiv #50 (Lagorgette dwgs); Drawings; (Bleriot wing sections; Avro 504K; Bentley); Pilot Reports (1911 Cessna repro); Film (REGENERA-TION); Time’s Tarmac (Henson; early photo collection); Models (Fine Art Models Dr.I, 1912 Clarke pusher repro model); Letters; Publications; W&D (include Liese photo collection)

166, Nov 1999 Mozhaiski/Jukovski; Pilcher; Friedrichshafen raid, cont’d; the Sopwith Pup (Australia); “Spandau” m/g details; Archiv #50 (still other German 3-views); Museums/Organizations (Ben Owen on EAA; Weeks Air Museum; Old Rhinebeck; Curtiss E-Boat flies; newly restored Nieuport 28); Aircraft (Jack Canary’s Snipe; Heinz Linner’s and Roman Weller’s new works); Hannover CL sweepback puzzle; Rolls-Royce Eagle & (dwgs) ABC Dragonfly & (dwgs) Time’s Tarmac (Chéneau; 1912 Cato; 1st Burnelli; Keene Pioneer); IDX; Models (2 Koutny plans); Historiography (Harvard commencement speech on memory); Letters; Publications (several Alexandrov books; W&D


167, Feb 2000 Langley Aerodrome, cont’d; Palmgren American; 1911 Wiencziers, (dwgs) Fokker E.III report; BAT Bantam; Alb D.III project; Poll Giant report; repro Macchi M-5; Freeman repro D.III; Archiv 51, cont’d (dwgs); SE5A Sqdn News; Cockpits & Instruments LIX (H-16A); Museums/Org (Portal of Folded Wings; NASM dwgs policy; RAF Museum Avro 504; BAPC Natl Av Heritage Strategy); Gosse collection (Models (Low Nieuport 24/27 plan; early Taube plan; Lilienthal models); Film (Whitehead documentary); W&D (Special Sales- Gertler Wright & Curtiss collections; Abbott (Richthofen fabric & analysis); IDX; Time’s Tarmac (Lewis’ battlefield trip); Historiography; Letters (Jungclaus on Compromise); Publications; INDEX WW1 AERO #163-166

168, May 2000 Mozhaiski, contd; Cody Pt 1; Joe Boquel; Russian a/c for ramming; Boulton & Paul P6; flotation gear on shipboard a/c; Aircraft (repro Bleriot XI’s, repro D.VIII, repro Alb B.I, 7 repro SE5As); Time’s Tarmac (1913 Monaco meet, WWI Russian rarities); Archiv (Wm Mitchell Collection); Museums/ Organizations (Old Rhinebeck, Mus of Flight, Natl Av Museum of Canada); Drawings (Meek’s computerized 08/15 m/g, 1912 Lohner Pfeilflieger, Sop Scout/Pup dwg book, Graham Lee’s fullsize N17; D.VII undercarriage, FAA/CAA dwg files); Models (Bowers’ odd Dr.I model); Publications; Letters; W&D

169, Aug 2000 Cody Pt 1I; Beachey; Farman F.40; Fokker Dr.I wing failures; Garland-Lincoln Nieuports; Aircraft (extant Thomas-Morse Scouts), Boulton-Paul P6, contd); Museums/Organizations (RAF Museum’s LVG C.VI, Old Rhinebeck); Engines (Benz Bz.4, Oberursel UR.2); Time’s Tarmac (early Romanian, 1st issue CROSS & COCKADE); Cockpits & Instruments LXI (Breguet XIV.B2); Models (Koutny’s peanuts, Cooper’s Snipe); Drawings (Caddo Field (HELL’S ANGELS) models, ZFM Nieuport 11, Alb ODD factory dwgs. Jenny wing assembly, Pégoud’s Bleriot XI, Avro 523 factory dwgs, Curtiss F5L, article on availability of FAA dwgs); Publications; W&D (original SE5 wings for sale; German Special WWI Collection Sale)

170, Nov 2000 REP-Chance Vought lawsuit; undercambered wings; Stein monoplane, (dwgs) Start seaplane, (dwgs) Olmsted Pusher, cont’d; Canary’s Snipe update; RAF SE5As; Russian Nieuports; Grigorovich flyingboats; repro Fokker E.III; Museums/Organizations; Cockpits & Instruments LXII; Engines (1908 Curtiss); Dwgs (Hansa-Brandenburg, HELL’S ANGELS A/c; Nieuport bimoteur; Caudron bimoteur; Time’s Tarmac (Farman MF 11); Film (THE LAST FLIGHT, HELL’S ANGELS, cont’d); Gallery (Pratt’s NO MAN’S LAND; LOOPING THE LOOP, posters); Models; Historiography; Letters; Publications (Incl Gallaudet flyingboat dwg); W&D (EAC Circuit Seaplane dwg)

171, Feb 2001 MASTERY OF THE AIR; Romania in Av History; American Air Power I; Grigorovich M-24; Lozenge Fabric Development; Pilot Reports (Spad 7, Nieuport 11, Bristol F2B); Aircraft (Garland-Lincolns, Ansaldo A-1, Albany Flyer); Museums/Organizations; Gallery; Historiography; Cockpits & Instruments LXIII; Film; Archiv (R-plane hangars); Drawings (Goupy I, Sopwith Baby, Caudron R, DH-5, French lighting); Time’s Tarmac (St Louis Expo, kiting, Cleland crashes); Models; Publications; Letters (Bowers on thin airfoils); W&D; INDEX WW1 AERO #167-170

172, May 2001 THE PROGRESS OF THE AERO-PLANE (1911); Gustav Tweer Pt 1, (dwgs) Maupin-Lanteri Diamond; Fritzsche monoplane (dwgs); mismarked US SE5s; Pilot Repts (Bristol M1c); Museums/Org (Dawn Patrol 2000; Archive-Shoreham [Lee-Richards Annu-lar]; RAF Museum Camel; NASM N28); Time’s Tarmac (Moody & his a/c, REP lawsuit cont’d); IDX; Film; Engines (Siddeley-Puma); Aircraft (Project Ornithopter); Gallery; Making Your Own Hubs; Drawings (Curtiss t-buckles, AEG G.IV, Hannover F 10 triplane, 1912 Zsélyi, original dwg Gotha G.IV, USD–9 Day Bomber; Liberty prop); Models (Where Are the Juniors?- Hannan; wooden 50hp Gnôme); Publications (Guillow models, Wylam’s Breguet book & dwgs); Historiography; Letters; W&D

173, Aug 2001 Whitehead: Legend of No 21; Tweer Pt 1I (dwgs Spinne, Pégoud’s Bl XI); Sturtevant; preserving the Standard J-1; Unknown Libertys; American Air Power Pt 1I; IDX; 2003, cont’d (NASM archives/Wright dwgs); Aircraft; Museums/Organizations (RAF Museum Avro 504K; NASM Caudron G-4; Old Rhinebeck; Heritage Halls; Technikmuseum); Drawings (RAF records; Accuracy, cont’d; Morgan Mountaineer; Spad XI; Burgess SC.17; Phönix 26/61; Vindobona; Alb D.III; Abbott’s Siemens-Schuckert D.IV); Models (Koutny’s Savoia S.13; Veyssiere’s plans); Letters; Historiography; Publications; W&D

174, Nov 2001 (40th Anniversary Issue) WW1 AERO #1 reprint; Airship Development in Japan; Voisin Icare; Czech pilot training on Nieuports in 1919; the NASM Nieuport 28; How to Construct an Airscrew; Pilot Reports (the Shuttleworth SE5A); Drawings (Wright propeller; Alb D.III top wing; Curtiss A-1; AR Type 1; Caudron G.VIA2; Spad S.VII; Film; Time’s Tarmac (Fritsche triplane, cont’d; Wright hydro-test); “Flight” story; Archiv (ribs); Aircraft (DH-9, Ackerman wheels); Museums/Org ((RAF Museum BE2a; College Park Av Museum; Wentworth’s Fly-In; Models; IDX; Engines (Hispano Doctor); Publications; Historiography; Letters; W&D

175, Feb 2002 1902 Wright glider repro, (dwgs) Short Bros & Wright Bros (include death of C Rolls); Building a Sopwith Triplane; Fokker D.VII control grip; Vickers Vimy in CA; Thomas-Pigeon flyingboat; Aircraft (Murrin’s new Camel; Coughlin’s (Ed Brennan’s) collection; Linner’s current a/c); Pilot Reports (Spad 16-A); Drawings (French dwgs details; H Beachey biplane; Graham Lee’s 7/8 Morane Bullet); Museums/Org (Freeman’s Air Faire; air museum in Krakow); Archiv (witness to Richthofen’s death); Time’s Tarmac (Mercedes Jellinek (as in the engines); College Park, MD); IDX (and un-Xed); Film (MAGNIFICENT MEN, a/c; THE BLUE MAX, a/c ; Letters (Sunderland on Historiography; Gray on undercambered aerofoils, cont’d); Models (working scale rotaries); Publications; W&D; INDEX WW1 AERO #171-174

176, May 2002 Mozhaiski, (dwgs) Gallaudet PtI (glider), (dwgs) Andermat War Aeroplane, (dwgs) Deperdussin Hydro-Monoplane, (dwgs) Spads (in Rome); Halberstadt rib template?; Aircraft (Avro 504, Bloomquist’s a/c, Mayrhofer’s a/c); Archiv (Hannover CL.V); Museums/ Organizations (Crève Coeur Fly-In, Aviodome Museum D.VII; Portal of the Folded Wings; Retro-Planes d’Argen-teuil, early avsites around Paris); Time’s Tarmac (Goupil, DH-4s at Fisher Body, German postcards; patent for Quick stationary engine); Gallery; Drawings (French dwgs details, AEG G.IV; Fokker Dr.I seat, Handley-Page 0/400, LVG C.V, LVG C.VI); Letters (undercambered airfoils, ctd, French airships, ctd, Paul Mantz, anonymous letter); Historiography; Models (Williams’ Avro 504K, Koutny’s Glowinski plans, Cooper’s Wright model, Veyssière models); Publications; W&D

177, Aug 2002 Russian Powered Flight II; Wrights at Kitty Hawk; the 5 First Flights; Coanda’s a/c, (dwgs) Visit w/Coanda; Goliescu, (dwgs) Shuttleworth’s LVG; British/ French-blt Spads; Time’s Tarmac (Romani-an a/c); Aircraft (Dutch repro D.VII; Lohner H repro (dwgs); repro Halberstadt Cl..II; new repro DH-4; Pilot Reports (Woody Clapp’s fatal crash; IDX; Museums/Organizations: Old Kingsbury; Drawings: French dwgs details; RAF BE.2a; Sopwith nameplate; Historiography; Gallery; Models (Landon’s Guillow models); Letters: undercambered airfoils, cont’d; Publications (Marcel Jean Jean); W&D

178, Nov 2002 airship over Vienna; Arthur P Warner; Beachey-Eaton monoplane, controls; Gallaudet Pt 2a; recovering the Boxkite; AEG C.IV colors; Mayrhofer Alb D.III repro, cont’d; old McCook Field museum; Archiv (1913 Siemens-Halske engine); Aircraft (Seiser’s Fokker Spin, Johnson monoplane); Time’s Tarmac; Museums/ Organizations (Bergamo Museum, Linner’s Taubes; Minnesota’s Steco; Old Rhinebeck Museum); Drawings (French dwgs details; Gandy-Vrang monoplane; Heinkel-Farman; 1911 Deperdussin Type A; Trinks Eindecker Typ 3; Curtiss Model F C-3); P3V, cont’d; IDX (odd wings at Old Rhinebeck); Models; Historiography (article for Boyne’s ENCYCLOPEDIA); Film (Westland CD); Letters; Publications; W&D

179, Feb 2003 the Wright family; the Wright school; list of extant Wrights; Aviation in India (dwgs Wildeblood a/c); Gallaudet Pt 2b (dwgs 1911 amphibian, proposed machine, Engine No 1); MASTERY OF THE AIR; Aircraft ( Dutch D.VIIs, Replica Plans a/c, Grahame Lee’s a/c, Bleriot XI motor-mounts); Historiography; Muse-ums/Organizations (Old Rhinebeck, German air museums; Chuck Wentworth’s fly-in, Cradle of Aviation); Centerspread (Aces); Archiv (Sablatnig); Engines (Old Rhinebeck’s Hall-Scott); Drawings (French details, Aviatik Wasserflugzeug, German DH-5 dwgs, DFW B.I, Sopwith Camel Baubeschreibung); Time’s Tarmac (Jannus & Aeromarine flyingboats); IDX; Gallery; Models; Letters (diving phenomenon, cont’d, Wrights & the Smithsonian); Publications; W&D

180, May 2003 Gallaudet Pt 2b, 3 (dwgs A-1, A-2); British Bleriot Co; Spad Type A (dwgs A.2); IDX; Aircraft (Caproni in Slovakia); Museums/Organizations (Canada Av Mus, Wright-Patterson, Chard Mus, Deutsche Luftfahrt Sammlung); Gallery; Engines; Drawings (Beachey-Eaton, Kettering Bug, DFW C.I, Etrich Taubes Typen A/B, B/C, F, Grahame-White VII, Timson); Models (aluminum construction); Letters; Historiography; Publications; Electronic; W&D

181, Aug 2003 Wright technology (dwgs Wrights 1903-1912); Wrights in the US; IDX; Gallaudet Pt 4, Model B Flyingboat, (dwgs) Vlach; Curtiss one-offs; Stanley VW Hiller (dwgs Patterson-Hiller flyingboat); original Farman Sport; Aircraft (Sarotti, repro Bleriot XI’s; repro SE5As; Arango’s repro Fokker D.VI; rare Sikorskys dwgs; Pilot Reports (Hanriot HD-1); Time’s Tarmac; Drawings (Curtiss double-control wheels, Hanriot-Ponnier, Grahame-White sea-plane, Dorner flyingboat); Gallery (Pour le Mérite, John Gould [G-8 and His Battle Aces]); Museums/Organizations (Junk-yard Wars, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum, ORA in Australia, Cradle of Av Museum); Models (Wright models); Letters (letter from Katharine Wright, Neil Davidson on Rotherham air pump); W&D; INDEX WW1 AERO #175-178

182, Nov 2003 Wrights at Huffman Prairie; Wrights in Romania; Gallaudet Pt 5 (early patents); McCabe; Austro-Hungarian recogn manual; turning ability of WW1 fighters; Aircraft; Piolt Reports (DH-2 repro); Poll Triplane (new photos); Time’s Tarmac (Euler D.I-II, Gibson, Spad A-Series cont’d); Museums/Organizations; Film; IDX; Historiography; Gallery; Drawings (Bariquand & Marre, 1914 Blackburn, Siemens-Schuckert D.VI); Models (Cooper’s Snipe); Publications; Letters; W&D

183, Feb 2004 Ed Column (2003, cont’d; book reviewing); Whitehead, cont’d; Wright Hydroaeroplane School; Wright again project; Gallaudet Pt 6 (Models C-1 and C-2); Vickers 11mm; Fokker D.VII repros; Drawings (Morane-Saulnier Eindecker, 80 Le Rhône induction pipe, Albatros Wasser-Doppeldecker); IDX; Aircraft (Bloomquist’s full-scale Gotha G.IV); Pilot Repoorts (Hanriot HD-1); Time’s Tarmac (Gustave Hamel); Museums/Organizations (Kitty Hawk 2003, Dayton Air Show, Owl’s Head Transportation Museum); Models; W&D; INDEX WWI AERO #179-182

184, May 2004 Pilcher triplane; Brumarescu’s Colombia; Gallaudet Pt 7 (1915 designs); Chardin’s Nostalgie du Front; Drawings (Eteve airspeed ind, Parker-Purcell Tractor, Sutro Hydro, Heinrich Military Tractor; Zeppelin LZ C.II, Halberstadt D.II); GA Spratt designs, include centerspread; Museums/Organizations (Great War Flying Museum, Kermit Weeks Collection, D. Pisano’s lecture at NASM, First Flight Centennial; Kitty Hawk, Lafayette Foundation); new Wright in Australia; Models; Gallery; Letters; Publications (including Jack Hunter on THE BLUE MAX); Electronic (3 ways of doing computerized drawings); IDX; W&D

185, Aug 2004 Gallery; Wrights’ reading lists; Wrights in Europe; Bell kites (build one!); Gallaudet Pt 8a, D-1 Hydroaeroplane (dwgs); Pilot Reports (Bristol Boxkite); Engines (50hp Gnôme, and mounted ahead of prop; restoring the Fiat A-12bis; Mercedes project); Aircraft; Historiography; Drawings (Froberg Flying Boat, Kelsey Monoplane, (proposed) Chance Vought racer; French m/g target sheet; Burgess-Dunne No. 2; Fokker dwgs of E.V); properties of airplane fabrics; finishing the Snipe and the Dragon; Museums/Organizations (Deutsches Museum, Australian War Memorial, Swedish AF Museum); Models; Film (THE AVIATOR); Letters, and Letters 75; Publications (more by Hunter on THE BLUE MAX, photos of film); W&D

186, Nov 2004 Levavasseur: Aeroplan de Villotran; Gallaudet Pt 8b (dwgs); Cicero Flying Field Pt 1; Lt Venning Sage, RFC; Aircraft; Time’s Tarmac; Drawings (Goupy-Voisin 1, Aviatik-Berg D.I, Voisin Type XIII, Voisin Triplane, Staaken R.VI (Albs), Santos-Dumont Demoiselle); IDX; Gallery (Richthofen painting); Museums/Organizations (Udvar-Hazy Ctr., Omaka Aerodrome, Musee Jean Salis, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Old Warden Aerodrome); Historiography; Models (Micromodels); Letters, and Letters 75 cont’d; Publications (Paul Leaman, C&C); W&D

187, Feb 2005 Comparison of Automobile and Aeroplane engines; Cicero Flying Field Pt 2 (dwgs Walco Air Boat); Spinning a Tail; Gallaudet Pt 9 (dwgs); Korvin-Kroukovsky; WW1 ammunition, cont’d; Ball’s Nieuport 17 fabric; Historiography; centerspread sketch of and by Bohumil Munzar’s crash; Drawings (Bleriot XI-2, Martin Aero-Yacht, BE2/2a, Dunne D.8, Roe IV, 1st DH); Museums/Organizations (RCAF Memorial Museum, Roger Freeman’s collection, NASM archival request forms, Sport Aviation Assn, Curtiss Museum, Antique Aero Fly-In, Tech Museum in Krakow); Models (Stephen Lawson on Golden Age of WW1 a/c plastic kits, Marsden’s R/C BE 2b (dwg); Publications; Publications reconsidered cont’d (SE5/5a in print, Sommerville’s demo book review); Letters; ; Time’s Tarmac (Christmas Bullet Pt 2, Curtiss Hydro trials); Gallery (Otto Kuhni, Robert Karr); Film; W&D; INDEX WW1 AERO #183-186

188, May 2005 Santos-Dumont’s de Dion Bouton engine, (dwgs) Building & Flying a Bleriot; Cicero Flying Field Pt 3; Gallaudet Pt 10 (dwgs); Archiv-Fokker the Early Years Pt 1; Found: Rumpler C.IV 1463/17; Bloomquist on building his a/c; Aircraft (Mayrhofer’s Alb D.Va, 3 Bristol Scouts); Film (AVIATOR BLERIOT – A DARING FLIGHT); Museums/Organizations (NASM Wright exhibit, Dansk Teknisk Museum, Crissy Field/Century Aviation, Fantasy of Flight, Nat’l WW1 Museum); Engines (av engines and automobiles, cont’:d, Bentley BR2, Manly); Drawings (D.VII undercarriage, Nieuport fuselages, Avia H-45 mag, flechette, Bleriot XI-2, Breguet XIV); Gallery (Futurist paintings, early pilot portraits); Models; Historiography; Publications (coming ROBERT LORAINE GHOSTS OF THE GREAT WAR); Letters (Eacock on testing structures, Paul Poberezny on his Sport Aviation Assn, Alegi on current state of av-organizations, Dubowski on Camel flight characteristics, Alfred Cunningham letter); W&D

189, Aug 2005 Antoinette I; Gallaudet Pt 11 (dwgs); Archiv-Fokker the Early Years Pt 2; Found: Rumpler C.IV Pt 2; Aircraft (Arango’s new Fokker D.VI, recent Wright repros); Museums/Organizations (NASM, College Pk Av Museum, Museum of Flight incl repro Boeing Model C, Science Museum-Hargrave kite model); Time’s Tarmac; Film (FLYBOYS); Drawings (Replicraft Spad XIII & Eric Somer’s history of the project); Lohner J/JC; DH-6); Gallery (Linner’s Etrich Taube/Zanonia projects, incl dwg); Models (incl 2 Koutny plans); Publications (incl parts from Master Materials List – Fokker D.VII documents); Historiography; Letters; What Next?; W&D

190, Nov 2005 Ed Column; Wright Patent (Mfg A/C Assn, interwar Am Av); Gallaudet Pt 12; Birth of French Naval Av; Earl S Daugherty; small Bred-Pensuti triplanes (dwg); Museums/Organizations (Wright Patterson, USAF Academy, Glenn H Curtiss Museum (repro Hudson Flier project, repro America project dwg); Aircraft; Gallery (Alfred Stieglitz photo, Jim Dietz); Rhonie Aviation Fresco Pt 1; Pilot Reports (Wright Flyer, Sopwith Dolphin Pt 1); Time’s Tarmac (Blanche Stuart Scott, Mayrhofer newly-found German documents on silk covering and unknown triplane, Alternate view of markings on V.4/F.1 dwgs); Drawings (Gordon Bennett Cup Racer, Fokker E.III armament, Standard E-1, 6 Deperdussins); Film (US Naval Air Station Key West 1918-1919, GALLANT JOURNEY, FLYBOYS); Models (Cahill antique model, Radiguet compressed-air rotary); Historiography (Jake Neufeld AIR POWER, Sandy Opdycke on revising history); Letters (Dick King on Old Rhinebeck, Koloman Mayrhofer on internet, Giacinta Bradley Koontz on Wright simulator, Ellie Somer on his longtime SPAD researches); Publications; W&D

191, Feb 2006 Ed Column; Gastambide-Mengin; Curtiss OX5 (dwg); Gallaudet Pt 13; SPAD 13 – Arango repro; Pilot Report (Sopwith Dolphin Pt 2); Rhonie Aviation Fresco Pt 2; Aircraft: Howard Whyte’s accident; Etrich Taube accident; Zilinsky’s projects; Engines: Mark Miller’s dwgs; Time’s Tarmac (Dead Sea Combat, Nieuport dwgs corrected, Walter Christie); Film: FLYBOYS movie set, Remembering WINGS); IDX; Centerspread photo (Walton’s DR.1); Drawings (Burgess Seaplane, Benoist twin-engined flying boat, Rumpler Militar-Eindecker, Dorner Type II); Museums/Organizations (Antique Aero Fly-In, Mikael Carlson collection, Achim Engels Museum Project, Glenn H Curtiss Museum (repro America project); Aircraft; Gallery; Models (Cole Palen Memorial Model Meet, Farnborough’s Experimental Model, dwgs); Letters (Tate on Grosz article); Historiography (Pisano essay); Publications (notes: Bill Byrd on av-publishing); INDEX WW1 AERO #187-190; W&D

192, May 2006 Ed Column; Thousand Dollar Triplane; Charles Hamilton; Henri Fabre; DH-4B & DH-4M; Grahame-White, Swamp Cypress, & The DH-6; Curtiss OX5 Pt 2; Hugh Rockwell & engine; Aviettes; Aircraft: report 1913 Harlan Militarapparat; Koloman Mayrhofer’s new Albatros D.III; Paul Muso’s partscale Dr.I & E.III; Jim Downey’s 1/2 scale SPAD; Herbie Seiser’s Johnson Monoplane; Achim Engels repro D.VII’s, E.III’s, Rumpler C.IV, Fokker C.I; Centerspread photo (death of Hubert Latham); Time’s Tarmac (Aviatik C.II, Siemens-Schukert D.IV, Hannover CL.II, Walter Christie’s 1910 Monoplane, Verne Babcock’s 1911 Monoplane, cut-away Jenny, Antoinette Monoplane wing structure, Standard floatplane, Benoist floatplane, Christofferson Tractor Biplane); Archiv (P Grosz) – silk coverings; Drawings (fabric attachments: Sopwith, Voisin, Handley-Page, and Handley-Page spar fitting, Farman; 1928 Science Museum Wright 1903 dwgs; Bleriot XI-2 Monoplane; Beachey-Eaton Monoplane; Papin-Rouilly Gyroptere); Film: Resurrecting The Red Baron); IDX; Museums/Organizations (Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome – missing Gnome Type N; Udvar-Hazy Center; Fight In The Skies Society; 2005 Dawn Patrol Fly-In w/photos), Gallery; Models (Vern Zundel’s home destroyed in hurricane; Scale accuracy of kits and plans; Cole Palen Memorial Free-Flight Model Meet; 2006 WW1 Dawn Patrol; Multi-wing Fly-In; NCRCC Dawn Patrol WW1 IMAA Fly-In; Pfalz D.IIIa; Hansa Brandenburg C.I; Fokker D.VII; Nieuport 11; scale lozenge fabric; plastic models: Sopwith Folder; Short 184; Sopwith Baby floatplane; Eduard Royal Class D.VII kits; Hansa Brandenburg W.12); Historiography (Czar Nicholas); Letters (US Sen. Schumer on Opdycke and WW1 Aeroplanes, Inc.); Publications; W&D; INDEX WW1 AERO #191

193, August 2006 1911 Coanda, dwgs; J Walter Christie; Caproni Ca 60 Capronissimo, dwgs; Gallaudet Pt 14a, dwgs; Early Aerofoils; Historiography in 3D (Cradle of Aviation Museum); Culture in Aviation (air transport); IDX; Aircraft; Times Tarmac (addenda to FRENCH AEROPLANES BEFORE THE GREAT WAR, 1911 Scott triplane; Levavasseur); Centerspread-Mayrhofer’s 3 D.VIII wings); Assembling the Jenny (manual); Museums/Organizations (Cody, McCutcheon’s USAF engineering records project, Canada’s Great War Flying Museum; Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome update; Freeman’s Spad and other repro projects); Drawings (Pfalz D.XII, the Hydroaerocraft, Curtiss’ reblt Langley Aerodrome); Gallery (Keith Woodcock); Film (New Views in Great War Films, pre-review of FLYBOYS); Models; Publications (Lewis’ EDDIE RICKENBACKER, review by T Crouch, THE SPECTACLE OF FLIGHT, by R Wohl, GUNNING FOR THE RED BARON, by L Bennett, WITTGENSTEIN FLIES A KITE, STEAM IN THE AIR); Historiography (Forum essay, Herbert Johnson comments); Letters (Burton’s part-scale D.VII project, one semi-anonymous sourbelly letter); W&D

194, November 2006 Santos=Dumont No 14bs, dwgs; Gallaudet Pt 14b, dwgs; Caproni Ca.60, The Crash, Pt 2; Last Zeppelin Raid, dwgs; Building a Triplane; Aircraft (3 Bristol Fighters, new da Vinci glider, Nieuport XI monoplane; Papin-Rouilly; Austro-Hungarian aero workshops; The Face of War (photos); IDX; centerspread, model Ca.60 in flight; Museums/ Organizations (Junge collection, AAHS 50th Anniversary essay, Freeman’s Spad and other projects, Early Birds); Film (FLYBOYS); Models, and Models cont’d (Santos-Dumont 14bis dwgs); Historiography (definition and why, new Florida law re teaching American History); Drawings (Roland fuselage planking, original Alb D.III bulkhead, Zachach flyingboat, several burgess construction dwgs); Letters (Bob Banka & DOX 3-view, Paul Chapman on many things, Ron Moulton’s story; Jean Devaux on the Marchal raid; Colin Green on museums; Lighten Up! by Bill Hannan): Publications (so many good things!); W&D

195, February 2007 Obituaries for Grosz & Somer; Octave Chanute (Tableau d’Aviation); 1913 Deperdussin Schneider racer (dwgs); Gallery; Gallaudet Pt 15, dwgs (Cruisers); Flying my OX5 a/c; Ernie Hall & Wright Aeroboat, dwgs; Luck in Combat, dwg (bullet-ridden Farman); Schelling’s restored JN-4H; Sikorsky’s 1920 prophecy; Museums/Organizations (NASM mission statements, 11th Annual Antique Aero Fly-In, Classic Fighters, New Zealand; Natl WWI Museum; Roger Freeman’s works; Owls Head Museum); centerspread (original Bleriot XI dwg); INDEX WW1 AERO #191-194; Aircraft (Petroelje’s Macchi M-V, Spad, Albatros D.Va); Times Tarmac (early photos Cole Palen); Drawings (Morane-Saulnier Type N, Bourcart, 1905 Ludlow, de Turcat-Mery Rougier, Zeppelin Cl.II); IDX; Film (DAWN PATROL RENDEZ-VOUS, FLYBOYS (cont’d); NOVA TV pgm on Santos=Dumont); Historiography; Models; Letters; Publications (Schiffer publication on e-mail); W&D

196, May 2007 Preston Watson’s Aeroplanes, dwgs; Breguet or Burgess-Collier at ORA, dwg; Gallaudet Pt 16A, the D-4, dwg; The War With Germany (Statistical Summary); Engels’ A Dream Gets Wings; Aircraft; Canterspread- Curtiss Triad in Flight; Drawings (several early Patent Dwgs); new computerized WWI air story; Gallery; Museums/Organizations (Century Aviation, Omaka’s Aviation Heritage, Roger Freeman’s works, cont’d, Koloman Mayrhofer, cont’d, WRAM Show, Curtiss Museum (new and old Americas); IDX (Bancroft, Henri Villard); Models (Pfalz dwgs- a study), Ray Williams’ 1/3 scale 80 LeRhone and Morane-Saulnier Type L; Publications; Film/DVD (Flight of the Triad); Letters (Seiser’s Johnson project); Historiography (Arthur Schlesinger on the subject); Times tarmac (early pilotless bombers; W&D

197, August 2007 Ed Column; W Wright letter to HH Arnold; Bleriot XI Drawings/ Puzzles; Olmstead prop dwgs; Brooks Aeroplanes; first Russian bombers; Film/DVD; Gallaudet Pt 16; D-4 (cont’d); Stasik bomber; Aircraft: Tim Plunkett’s Dr.I; Mayrhofer’s Albatros D.IIIs; Pinsent’s Nieuport 17; Beale’s Thomas Morse S4C; IDX; Pilot Reports: Fokker D.VII; DH.2; Centerspread painting Russell Smith’s Richthofen crash; Times Tarmac; Dwgs: Herring-Burgess; Green Biplane; Museums/Organizations: Omaka Aviation Heritage Ctr; Tetros-Plans d’Argenteuil; La Ferte Alais; Brussels Air Museum; Glenn H Curtiss Museum; Models; Gallery; Publications: Jack Hilliard on Capronis, Farmans; R Hallion on Schlachtflieger!; P Truesdel on British Single Seater Fighter Squadrons on the; B Hannan on Alberto Santos Dumont; Tom Polapink’s listing of model av mags; Historiography (H Johnson on Av History); Letters; W&D

198, November 2007 Ed & board column; Cody Wing Warp Control; Russian Air Flt ’14-’17; Alb DIII Repro; Gallaudet Story, Pt 17; US Navy Flamboyant Fish Boats; Antique Aero Fly-In; Linke-Hofmann Giant Machines; 1918 Air Service Camo Rpt; Sopwith Pup Restor; Bleriot XI in Latin Am Pt 1; Gallery; Old Rhinebeck Aeromarine 39-B; Case of the Curious Card; Zeppelin Down; Dawn Patrol Fly-In Dayton; IDX; Models; Times Tarmac; Aircraft; Board; Letters; Publications; W&D

199, February 2008 Flying the Sopwith Pup – Interview with Dick and Matt King; Cole Palen’s Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Ð 1988, Five days with Cole and Rita Palen; Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum Petition filed with NYS; Bleriot XI in Latin America; Gallaudet story part 18 – A Potpourri; Cataloging your archival collection; The Many Faces of the Red Baron; A unique Flying Museum Project (Achim Engels); Bristol M.1C drawings and Aeronautical Inspection Directorate reports, 1917; Color photographs – Shuttleworth Bristol M.1C and Bristol F.2B photos; Michael O’Neal collection of paintings; pre-war aviation badge collection; Rhinebeck Aerodrome photos, Fokker-Team-Shorndorf photos; Fokker D.VII Project (J. Brooks), Fokker Dr.I project (J. Bruton), SPAD XIII (Zanardo); Models; Times Tarmac; ID-X; Drawings – 1911 Light Farman, 1916 Albatros Reconnaissance Biplane, 1916 L.V.G D.IX, 1917 L.V.G. C.VI; Letters; Reviews; Museums & Organizations; W&D

200, May 2008 Commemorative Issue Ed & Board on 200th Issue; ANTIQUE AIRPLANE ASSOCIATION (1 June 1961, Issue #1); WANTS & DISPOSALS (ANTIQUE AIRPLANE ASSOCIATION – WORLD WAR ONE CLUB (December 1961, Issue #1); WORLD WAR 1 AEROPLANES, Editor’s Column (October 1971, Issue #33); TURNBUCKLES (April 1973, Issue #40); BRUNING-FORSEMAN (sic) R Dreidecker (“POLL GIANT”) by Peter M. Grosz (April 1976, Issue #56); BRISTOL SCOUT D (3-view, Stan Brennan, 1975) (August 1976, Issue #58); COLE PALEN’S OLD RHINEBECK AERODROME (April 1977, Issue #62); FOKKER D.VIII WING & AIRFOILS by Charles R. Cash, Jr., (May 1980, Issue #79); FOKKER D.VIII Aerofoil Drawing by George Ballinger (May 1980, Issues #79); FOKKER D.VIII Aerofoil Drawing by Charles R. Cash, Jr., (May 1980, Issue #79); FACT & THE FOKKER D.VIII WING by Peter M. Bowers (May 1980, Issue #79); REINHOLD D. PLATZ & THE D.VIII REPRODUCTION by Ed Swearingen (May 1960, Issue #79); FOKKER D.VIII Cessna 172/D.VIII Drawing by Charles R. Cash, Jr., (May 1980, Issue #79); SANTOS=DUMONT DEMOISELLE 3-view by J. W. Batter, 1980 (October 1980, Issue #81); A MERCEDES… but which one? by Wally Batter (December 1982, Issue #92); a big bag of INSTRUMENTS by Wally Batter (December 1982, Issue #92); WORLD WAR 1 AEROPLANES (July 1984, Issue #100) EDITOR’S COLUMN; THAT FOKKER’S AN ALBATROS! by Wally Batter (December 1984, Issue #102); RAF BE.1 by Paul R. Hare (April 1988, Issue #119); HISTORIOGRAPHY by Leonard E. Opdycke (September 1988, Issue #121); ARCHIV: PETER M. GROSZ, ed, exhaust stacks (August 1990, Issue #129); ARCHIV: PETER M. GROSZ, ed, Manfred von Richthofen Gives Tony Fokker the Facts of Fighter Life, exhaust stacks Pt. II (November 1990, Issue #130); THE BRUNING-FORSTMANN (POLL) GIANT TRIPLANE cont’d (February 2000, Issue #167); COANDA 1910 Drawings (August 2002, Issue #177); EXTANT WRIGHT TYPES by Leonard E. Opdycke (February 2003, Issue #179); PFALZ D.XII Drawings by George H. Odenwaller (August 2006, Issue #193); auction notice Vin Fiz wing strut relic

201, August 2008 Ed & Board column; Financials 2007-2008; Gallaudet Story pt. 19 – the Curtiss HS-2L (R. Gordon); Thousand Miles on a Camel’s Back (T. Plunkett, Sopwith Camel); Grandad’s Wings (D. Bremner, Bristol Scout); Bristol M.1 tech. dwg list (D. Staha); Bldg Early-variant BE2a rudders (A. Willox); Fokker Dr.I project (J. Bruton); Rinaldi Camel project (R. Rinaldi); Engine dwgs: Hall-Scott A-7, Kirkham B-6, Curtiss OX; (reprint) Archiv Peter M. Grosz Fokker V.21, wooden fuselage D.VII’s, V.3; Farman IV Reconstruction (G. Galli); Gnome Antoinette photo, Sperry Aeroplane Stabilizer photo; W.I. Chambers Confidential Rpt re: Naval Ops; Aerobus postcard (K. Kort); Cartoon (L. Ionnitiu); Color Section: Artist Russell Smith 8 paintings; Pioneer Flt Mus Fokker Dr.I; Roger Freeman-built SPAD XIII; Mikael Carlson’s Fokker Dr.I; A.H.C.’s DH.2; Opdycke Bristol Scout; J. Petroelje’s Macchi M5; S.F. Cody photo; Tallmantz N.28; WW1 AERO cover #41; O. Kunhi drwg; M. Esch drwg; Models; WRAMs show; Time’s Tarmac; IDX; Drawings: Fokker D.III (J. Slottje); Halberstadt D.II & Pfalz D.XII (G. Odenwaller); Photographs: Sopwith Triplane noseovers, Sopwith Schneider Cup Racer, Curtiss Model F Flying Boat; Letters, Reviews Museums Orgs & Archives; W&D


202, February 2010 – Fokker E.V Wing Streaking; Blue Swallow Aircraft’s Avro 504 Project; John J. Montgomery and the First Gliding Flights in America 1884-1886; Bantam Bat Restoration (The Last Koolhoven in the World); Details about a 1913 postcard mentioning deHavilland’s B.S.1 wreck and featuring a photo of the Farnborough Workshops (A Picture Tells a Story); Fred Berg’s Fokker D.VII (Tales of a Fokker D.VII); George F. Myers – Helicopter Pioneer Photo Essay (Part 1); Fokker V.1: Towards an Understanding (Part 1); 3D V.1 drawings by Gerry Mos; Kip Motor Company’s reproduction Liberty engine distributor caps (Reinventing the Liberty Cap – Part 1); Drawings: Liberty Engine drawings from “Liberty Twelve Aircraft Engine” Equipment Division, Signal Corps, U.S.A.” Avro 504 three view from the “Manufacturer’s Order of Erection”; Avro 504 detail drawings from a partial set of Danish drawings made in 1923; Museums & Organizations: Dayton Dawn Patrol Rendezvous 2009; Selfridge Military Air Museum’s SPAD XIII reproduction; Kalamazoo Air Zoo Sopwith Camel; Aircraft: Aviation Institute of Maintenance Nieuport 24 reproduction; Koloman Mayrhofer / Craftlab Albatros Projects; Pur Sang Avro 504 reproduction; Models (including Manzano Laser 24” Fokker E.III review & Herb Kelley Fokker V.1 model plans); Introduction to Flight Simulators; Publications; Letters (Digital Transition)

203, May 2010 – FE2b Built by John McKenzie; Cock and Bull Stories That Worked (Dan San Abbott Column); Building a Set of Curtiss Jenny Wings; Fokker V.I – Towards an Understanding (Part 2); The Grose-Feary (Oakington) Monoplane (Part 1); George F. Myers – Helicopter Pioneer (Part 2); Reinventing the Liberty Cap (Part 2); 110 hp Le Rhône Rotary Engine in 3D (includes 3D model by Gerry Mos); Drawings: Original 110 Le Rhône factory drawings; Curtiss Canuck three view and wing / aileron drawings produced by Canadian Aeroplanes Limited; Museums & Organizations: 1909 Roe I Triplane Reproduction; British Aeroplane Production Turns 100 (A.V. Roe Celebration); Avro Type F Reproduction; Yankee Air Museum’s SPAD XIII Reproduction; Stow Maries Aerodrome; Golden Age Air Museum’s Curtiss Jenny Restoration; Aircraft: John McKenzie’s BE2b Project; The Aeroplane Collection’s Sopwith Snipe Project; Ivansek Pfalz D.XII Reproduction; Models; Aero Sim Flying (First Flight: The Wright Experience); From the Board (Including 2009 Financial Report) Publications; Letters

204, August 2010 – 101 Aeroplanes: The Exposure of Colonel Seely; Flying a Pup, Half-A-World Away (Fred Murrin Sopwith Pup); Military Service of Wing Commander Norman Herford Dimmock AFC; Alone Across the English Channel: America’s First Birdwoman – Harriet Quimby [1875-1912]; MOSI’s Roe I Triplane Replica (G-CFTF); Gas Bags, Dragons and Elephants – Part 1 (Dan-San Abbott Column); Fokker V.I – Towards an Understanding (Part 3); Air Museum Pioneer: The Roosevelt Field Historical Aviation Museum; Reinventing the Liberty Cap – Part 3; Identification X; Drawings: Liberty Engine Ignition Timing Diagram, Diagram of Liberty Engine Electrical Connections From “Air Publication 949, The 12-Cylinder Liberty Aero Engine, 400 H.P. – Air Ministry, February, 1924”, Dixie Magneto Drawings From “Instruction Bulletin: Dixie Magneto For Eight-Cylinder Engines – Airplane Models”, Herb Kelley Fokker V.I Drawings, Original Sopwith Factory GA Drawings: Sopwith Pup; Museums & Organizations: Early Birds Foundation Holland, RAF Museum’s Sopwith Dolphin, Biplanes & Zeppelins Air Show; Aircraft: Pierre Racette’s Bleriot XI-2 Reproduction, Jim Bruton’s Fokker Triplane Project, Fernand Saint-André’s Albatros D.V Project, Models, Aero Sim Flying (Wright Flyer Comparison: “First Flight: The Wright Experience” & “Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight”); From the Board; Publications; Wants & Disposals; Letters

205, November 2010 – Jim Appleby, The Elaborate Conception of Aerial Navigation in America: A Long Look Back at the Revoloidal Spindle Aeroport Experiments Conducted by Rufus Porter and Thomas Robjohn during the California Gold Rush; A Sopwith Camel Comes Back To Life; No Contest: The Military Aeroplane Competition of 1912 (Part 1); Fokker Triplane: Five Years In a Barn; Gas Bags, Dragons and Elephants (Part 2); Fokker V.I – Towards an Understanding (Part 4); Central Park Flying Field; Drawings: Charles Schultz Curtiss Model D, Sopwith Camel; Museums & Organizations: Military Aviation Museum Biplanes & Zeppelins Airshow; Aircraft: Bob Coolbaugh Curtiss Pusher, Pierre Racette / Marcel Deschamps Bleriot XI-2, Achim Engels Fokker D.VIII, The Aeroplane Collection Sopwith Snipe; Models; Aero Sim Flying; Historiography (by Leo Opdycke); Publications; From the Board; Wants & Disposals

206, February 2011 – Royal Aeronautical Society Aeronautical Heritage Award to Muswell Manor; The Johnson Monoplane (History / Seiser reproduction); No Contest: The Military Aeroplane Competition of 1912 (Part 2); A Nose is a Nose is a Nose (S.E.5a); The Fokker-Flugzeugwerke Museum Plan: Third Time’s A Charm – The Blue Max Triplane Comes Home; Jenny Modifications at Hazelhurst Field; Drawings: Woseley Viper engine, S.E.5a GA drawings for various powerplants, radiator shutters, propellers, front fairings; Museums & Organizations: Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Sopwith Dolphin, San Diego Air & Space Museum Nieuport 11, Military Aviation Museum WW1 Hangar; Aircraft: Jack Kearbey Sopwith Pup, Achim Engels Fokker E.III, Andrew Willox BE2a, Herbert Seiser Fokker Spin, Models; Aero Sim Flying (FSX S.E.5a & Sopwith Camel); Publications; From The Board

207, May 2011 – Wings Over The English Channel (Pascal Kremer Bleriot XI Channel Crossing); Rebirth of a 1912 Taube; No Contest: The Military Aeroplane Competition of 1912 (Part 3); German Parachutes in the Great War; Returning Biggles Biplane To The Skies (B.E.2c); Bomber Testing at Hazelhurst Field; Drawings: 70 hp Renault engine drawings by David Hall, B.E.2c drawings; Museums & Organizations: Deutsches Museum 1913 Otto Pusher, Wings Over Wairarapa Air Show; Aircraft: Mikael Carlson Fokker D.VII, Koloman Mayrhofer/Craftlab Albatros D.III; Film: A Dream Grows Wings (new Achim Engels / Fokker documentary); Models; Aero Sim Flying (Flying a real Sopwith Camel); Rise of Flight Communiqués (Rise of Flight’s New Gotha G.V & DFW C.V); Publications; Wants & Disposals; From the Board (Year End Report)

208, August 2011 – Freshfield Aviators; Dan-San Abbott Obituary; Restoring Rumpler C.IV 1463/17; No Contest: The Military Aeroplane Competition of 1912 (Part 4); The Other LVG C.VI (DFW C.V aircraft built by LVG); The Origins of Aerial Warfare; Sperry Autopilot Experimentation 1912 – 1919; Drawings: Airco D.H.2 rigging notes, Albatros D.II drawings; Museums & Organizations: Classic Fighters Air Show, Kermit Weeks/Fantasy of Flight Albatros D.Va, EAA Museum Blériot XI Reproduction; Aircraft: Brian Karli / Ron Alexander Curtiss Jenny Restoration, ”Biggles Biplane” B.E.2c Reproduction Flight; Models; Aero Sim Flying: S.E.5a for FSX; Rise of Flight Communiqués: Lanoe Hawker vs. Manfred von Richthofen Dogfight Recreation; Publications; Wants & Disposals; From The Board; Updated Ad Section

209, November 2011 – 50th Anniversary Issue: “FLIGHT” by Leo Opdycke; 1913 Grahame-White “Lizzie”; A Tale of Two Tommies; No Contest: The Military Aeroplane Competition of 1912 (Part 5); Happiness Is Building Wings (Part 1); Development of Fokker’s V.2 and V.3 Aircraft (Part 1); Great War Replica Aircraft’s Bristol F.2b; Looking Back: 50 Years of WW1 Aero; Leo Opdycke’s Bristol Scout (Including color profile by Bob Pearson); Drawings: Thomas-Morse S-4C, Bristol F. 2b; Museums & Organizations: Cradle of Aviation Museum’s Thomas-Morse S-4C Restoration, Golden Age Air Museum’s Wings & Wheels Extravaganza, Golden Age Air Museum’s Sopwith Pup Project, The Shuttleworth Collection’s Military Pageant Air Display; Aircraft: Aviation Institute of Maintenance (Kansas City) Morane Saulnier AI Project, Brian Coughlin’s Fokker Triplane; Models; Aero Sim Flying: Flying the real-world Fokker Triplane; Publications; Wants & Disposals; From The Board

210, February 2012 – SOARING100 Special Issue: Stuart Tantrum Obituary; The Year of 1911 in Aviation… and the Wright Glider; In Review: SOARING100; The Men of the Kill Devil Hills Life-Saving Station: “First Ground Crew for Aviation” 1901 – 1911; A Jenny’s Reawakening (Curtiss JN-4D FOR SALE); No Contest: The Military Aeroplane Competition of 1912 (Part 6); Development of Fokker’s V.2 and V.3 Aircraft (Part 2); A Tale of Two Blériots; Drawings: Herb Kelley Wright Gliders 1899-1902, Wright 1911 Glider by Wesley Smith, Curtiss Jenny drawings; Museums & Organizations: 2011 Military Aviation Museum Biplanes and Triplanes Air Show; 2011 World War I Dawn Patrol Rendezvous; Aircraft: Andrew Willox’s BE2a Project, Blue Max Fokker Triplane / Slingsby S.E.5a Visit Pearson Field; Aero Sim Flying: Flying the real-world Fokker Triplane (Part 2); Flight Simulator New Release: HP O/400; Rise of Flight Communiqués: Career Mode and Recent Updates; Historiography; Publications; From the Board; Wants & Disposals

211, May 2012 – Avro Type F Special Issue: 1912 Avro Type F (new GA drawings); Builder’s Report: MOSI 1912 Avro Type F Replica; No Contest: The Military Aeroplane Competition of 1912 (Part 7); Fokker D.VII in Sweden (Mikael Carlson Reproduction); Happiness Is Building Wings (Part 2); Betty’s Blériot (Chad Wille Reproduction); Drawings: Rozendaal Blériot XI drawings, Herb Kelley Fokker D.VII drawings; Museums & Organizations: Shuttleworth Collection Avro 504K, Dayton National Park 1902 Wright Glider, RAF Museum Sopwith Dolphin, Memorial Flight Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter; TVAL’s Second Fokker D.VIII; Aircraft: Achim Engels Fokker D.VIII (Color Plates), Jim Bruton’s Fokker Dr.1; Models; Aero Sim Flying (Landing a real world Fokker Triplane); New Releases; Rise Of Flight Communiqués (Situational Awareness); Publications; Wants & Disposals; From The Board

212, August 2012 – Morane-Saulnier BB (Part 1); Canada’s First Aviation Meet: La Grande Semaine d’Aviation de Montreal June 25th – July 5th, 1910; Reproducing The Albatros B.II Type 24; When Aeroplanes Spoiled the War; Betty’s Blériot (Part 2): Comparing Blériot Flying Characteristics With Anzani and Gnome Engines; Museums & Organizations: 2012 ANZAC Air Show, 2011 Over The Front Seminar; Early Birds Foundation Fokker D.VII; Aircraft: Craftlab Albatros D.III Maiden Flight; Models; Rise of Flight Communiqués; Publications; Wants & Disposals From the Board

213, November 2012 – Morane-Saulnier BB (Part 2); First Flights in My Dr.1 (Jim Bruton Triplane); Wilbur Wright: A Life of Consequence – Dayton Remembers “The Father of Aviation”on the 100th Anniversary of His Death; Happiness Is Building Wings (Part 3); Donnet Lévêque Type C Reproduction; Flying Golden Age Air Museum’s Sopwith Pup; Identification X; Drawings: Ansaldo SVA 10, LVG C.VI; Museums & Organizations: Original Ansaldo SVA 10 Restored in Italy, New RAF Museum Acquisitions Visit Shuttleworth, Memorial Flight’s LVG C.VI and BE2f Projects; Models; Aero Sim Flying: Flying Neoqb’s Fokker Dr.1 in FSX; Historiography; Publications; Wants & Disposals; From the Board

214, February 2013 – Morane-Saulnier BB (Part 3); Flying the Albatros D.III (Oef) 253.24; On The Camel Trail (John Shaw Sopwith Camel reproduction); Differences Between the Thomas Morse S-4B and S-4C: Lessons and Questions Froman Ongoing Restoration (Part 1); Identification X; Museums & Organizations: Biplanes and Triplanes Air Show 2012, Donnet Lévêque Type C Engine Tests, Achim Engels / TAVAS Deal; Aircraft: Andrew Willox’s BE2a Project Update, Pierre Racette / Marcel Deschamps Bleriot XI-2 First Flight / Crash Report; Models; Aero Sim Flying; Rise of Flight Communiqués (Review – English Channel Map, Felixstowe F.2A, and Brandenburg W12); Publications; Wants & Disposals; From the Board

215, May 2013 – GUSTAVE WHITEHEAD CONTROVERSY: Jane’s Credits Gustave Whitehead with First Powered Flight (From the Editor); Whitehead and the Wrights: 1 Myth? 2 Myths? 0 Myths? (Leo Opdycke); The Flight Claims of Gustave Whitehead / The Wright-Smithsonian Contract (Dr. Tom Crouch, Curator, NASM); Open Letters: John Brown, Tom Crouch; detail of Whitehead section (NASM photo); From Kite to Glider to Powered Flight: The AEA Gets Into the Air; Harrowing Tales of Pilot Training at Payne Field; Differences Between the Thomas-Morse S-4B and S-4C: Lessons and Questions From an Ongoing Restoration (Part 2); Museums & Organizations: Wright Company Factory Restoration / Monument Proposal, Deutsches Technikmuseum Pfalz D.VIII, Elliott Museum’s 1911 Willoughby “Pelican”, Brand New Gnome Rotary Engine; Aircraft: Pierre Racette’s Second Blériot XI-2 Project, Craftlab Vienna Project Updates (Rumpler C.IV 1463/17, Hansa-Brandenburg C.I Series 29 & Hansa- Brandenburg KD.I Series 28 “Starstrutter”); Models (includes review of Flyzone’s R/C Fokker Dr.1 and S.E.5a); Aero Sim Flying (landing the FSX Fokker Dr.1); New Releases; Rise of Flight Communiqués (Review: Halberstadt D.II, Roland C.IIa and Nieuport 17 (GBR)); Publications; Wants & Disposals; From the Board (2012 Financial Report)

216, August 2013 – From the Editor: The Whitehead Saga Continues (Gustave Whitehead Controversy); And Triumphed Over All (Part 1): Marcel-Georges Brindejonc des Moulinais, Maurice Guillaux and the Pommery Cup; A Summary of Daimler Aero Engines: Airships (Part 1); 100 Years in the Making (Bristol F.2b mockup); Building a World War I Aerodrome: Payne Field; The B.E.2 Under Wraps; Drawings: Bristol F.2b; Museums & Organizations: Classic Fighters Omaka – March 29-31, 2013, Scenes From Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, ANZAC Airshow 2013 – April 27, 2013; Aircraft: Andrew Willox BE2a Photo Recreation / Project Update, Brian Coughlin’s Sopwith Pup Project; Models; Rise Of Flight Communiqués: SPAD VII versus Albatros D.III; Publications; Wants & Disposals

217, Nov 2013 – And Triumphed Over All (Part 2): Marcel-Georges Brindejonc des Moulinais, Maurice Guillaux and the Pommery Cup; Morane-Saulnier Monoplanes (Part 1); Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre’s Morane-Saulnier G; When Radio Communication Took to the Air During World War I; An Early German Attempt at Vertical Take Off And Landing; Aircraft: Daniel Ryfa’s S.E.5a Reproduction, Andrew King’s Morane N Reproduction; Museums & Organizations: Shuttleworth Sopwith Camel, TVAL Albatros D.II, Military Aviation Museum Curtiss Jenny; Models; Aero Sim Flying: Albatros D.III (Oeffag); Rise of Flight Communiqués: FE.2b, Weapons Modifications; Publications; Wants & Disposals; From the Board

218, Feb 2014 – And Triumphed Over All (Part 3): Marcel-Georges Brindejonc des Moulinais, Maurice Guillaux and the Pommery Cup; Morane-Saulnier Monoplanes (Part 2); A Summary of Daimler Aero Engines: Aircraft (Part 2); Moonshiners vs. the Military in Mississippi 1918; Flying the Curtiss Jenny (Karli Restoration); Identification X; New Replicraft SPAD VII Drawing Samples; Aircraft: Brian Coughlin’s Sopwith Pup; Museums & Organizations: RAAF Museum Bristol Boxkite Reproduction, Owls Head Transportation Museum SPAD XIII, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome S.E.5a, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Albatros D.Va; Models; Aero Sim Flying (Flying the Albatros); New Releases; Publications; Wants & Disposals

219, May 2014 – And Triumphed Over All: Marcel-Georges Brindejonc des Moulinais, Maurice Guillaux and the Pommery Cup (Part 4); Morane-Saulnier Monoplanes (Part 3); A Summary of Daimler Aero Engines: Aircraft (Part 3); Everything Was Being Wrecked By Air-Impotence: Air Power as a Force Multiplier During the Last Days of the Arab Revolt, September 1918; The Checkerboard SPAD ; Koblenz Carnival Showbird color profiles; Aircraft: Nick Caudwell’s Sopwith Snipe Reproduction, Tim Plunkett’s Fokker D.VII reproduction; Museums & Organizations: Centenary of Military Aviation in Australia, TVAL Evening WWI Airshow; Models (WRAM Show); Aero Sim Flying (landing the Albatros); New Releases; Publications; Wants & Disposals

220, August 2014 – A Summary of Daimler Aero Engines: Aircraft (Part 4); The Australian Vintage Aviation Society: Bringing Aviation Past Back to Life and Giving it a Future; Lt. Hans Böhning and Royal Bavarian Jagdstaffel 76; Restoring Old Rhinebeck’s Albatros D.Va; Pilot Report: Recollections of a First Flight in Old Rhinebeck’s Albatros D.Va; Aircraft: From the Cockpit – Craftlab Albatros D.III, Fred Murrin Projects, On the Camel Trail (Update); Museums & Organizations: TAVAS Acquires Johnson Monoplane; Shuttleworth S.E.5a Announcement; Shuttleworth B.E.2e Reproductions; Military Aviation Museum Fokker D.VII; Models; Publications; Wants & Disposals

221, November 2014 – Pyramids! From The Height Of This Monoplane, 80 Horsepowers Look Down Upon You!: Three French Attempts To Fly To Egypt, 1913-14 (Part 1); Have a Fly With Me!: Bold Aeronauts Meet and Gleefully Predict! (Aero Club of America’s First Exhibition of Aeronautical Apparatus, January 1906); A Fokker For The Cradle; A Brand New, 100-Year-Old Rotary Engine; Drawings: 100hp Gnome Rotary; Aircraft: Aeroplane Collection Sopwith Snipe, Rebirth of a 1912 Taube (Update); Museums & Organizations: Military Aviation Museum’s 2014 Biplanes & Triplanes Air Show; Models; Aero Sim Flying (New Releases); Publications; Wants & Disposals

223, May 2015, 100 pages – Pyramids! From The Height Of This Monoplane, 80 Horsepowers Look Down Upon You! Three French Attempts To Fly To Egypt, 1913-14 (Part 3); A Foundation of Science; The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome’s Fokker Eindecker Comes Out of Storage; TAVAS Fokker E.III; Drawings (Fokker Eindecker); Aircraft: Brian Coughlin’s Fokker D.VIII / Barber Valkyrie / Sopwith Pup, Craftlab Vienna Project Updates; Museums & Organizations: 2014 Great War Aeroplanes Association Dawn Patrol Rendezvous, TAVAS Bristol Fighter, Shuttleworth Sopwith Camel / Triplane; Models; Historiography; Wants & Disposals

224, May 2015, 60 pages – Pyramids! From The Height Of This Monoplane, 80 Horsepowers Look Down Upon You! (Part 4); Flying the Fokker E.III; 1264: A Unique Scout; Aircraft: Pierre Racette Bleriot XI, John Shaw Sopwith Camel, Brian Coughlin’s Fokker D.VIIIs, TVAL Fokker D.VII; Museums & Organizations: Avalon International Airshow 2015; Drawings: Bristol Scout; Models: New Releases, Sal Calvagna’s Ilya Muromets, Jim Lund Caproni Ca.3

225, November 2015 – Pyramids! From The Height Of This Monoplane, 80 Horsepowers Look Down Upon You!: Three French Attempts To Fly To Egypt, 1913-14 (Part 5); I Want To Fly – But How?: Aeronauts Using a “Zip Line” Scheme to Become Airborne; Extant B.E.2s; Wright Experience Reproductions For Sale; Aircraft: Craftlab’s Hansa-Brandenburg C.I; Brian Coughlin’s Sopwith Pup and Fokker D.VIII; Bremner Bristol Scout’s First Public Flights; Museums & Organizations: Fagen Fighters Museum Curtiss Jenny; Wright Experience Curtiss Jenny; Military Aviation Museum Morane-Sauliner AI; RAF Museum National Lottery Award; Ithaca Thomas-Morse Scout Update; Models; Publications; Wants & Disposals

226, Feb 2016, 60 pages – Thomas-Morse S-4B Restoration Update; Learning to Fly; Military Aviation Museum / Vintage Aviation Services S.E.5a Project; Aircraft: Aircraft: Michel Fithian’s 1912 Lohner Taube, Vintage Aviation Services Bristol Fighter Restoration, Brian Coughlin’s 1911 Barber Valkyrie; Museums & Organizations: Kermit Weeks Fokker D.VII, Collings Foundation Curtiss Pusher, Shuttleworth Project Blériot Archive; Models; Wants & Disposals

227, May 2016, A Brief History of the Caproni Ca.1; Farnborough’s Final Flop; Sopwiths Over Kingston…New York; Drawings (Sopwith Pup); Aircraft: Coughlin D.VIII, Shaw Sopwith Camel, Airdrome Aeroplanes D.VIII; Museums & Organizations: Rhinebeck Nieuport 11, EAA AirVenture WW1 Event, Fantasy of Flight Curtiss Jenny; Models: Sal Calvagna Ilya Muromets, Jim Lund 1/72 Model Collection; Wants & Disposals