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Journals of the Early Aeroplane and the Airplane from 1920-1940

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Journals of the Early Aeroplane

WORLD WAR 1 AEROPLANES was founded by Leo Opdycke in 1961 and incorporated as a federally recognized 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation in 1979, organized and operated for educational purposes relating to early aviation, from pre-World War I to 1940.


Between 1961 and 2016, World War 1 Aeroplanes, Inc. produced two quarterly aviation history journals:

WW1 Aero and Skyways

The organization was dissolved in 2019 and assets were turned over to The Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum, a sister NYS 501(c)3, non-profit organization. In doing so back issues, documents, and other related items will remain available to the public and proceeds from sales help to benefit the museum.

To learn more about the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, museum, weekend air shows and vintage biplane rides, please visit www.oldrhinebeck.org

Photo of issue of WW1 Aero

WW1 Aero

The Journal of The Early Aeroplane – detailing the beginnings of flight, from the time man first yearned to fly like a bird, through the primitive early flying machines, all the way to the dogfights of World War 1.

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The Journal of The Airplane 1920-1940 – indulging in the beautiful and innovative aircraft produced during the interwar period and illustrating the rapid progress of aircraft design during this period.


New Issue of WW1 Aero Now Available!

Our organization is proud to announce the release of our latest issue WW1 Aero (#225), which is now available in both print and PDF formats! This new issue can be purchased by visiting our online store, where you can also find and a huge selection of back issues. A...

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