New Issues of WW1 Aero and Skyways Now Available!


Our organization is proud to announce the release of our latest issues of WW1 Aero & Skyways, which are now available in both print and PDF formats! These new issues can be purchased by visiting our online store, where you can also find and a huge selection of back issues.


WW1 Aero #219 – May 2014
100 pages – And Triumphed Over All: Marcel-Georges Brindejonc des Moulinais, Maurice Guillaux and the Pommery Cup (Part 4); Morane-Saulnier Monoplanes (Part 3); A Summary of Daimler Aero Engines: Aircraft (Part 3); Everything Was Being Wrecked By Air-Impotence: Air Power as a Force Multiplier During the Last Days of the Arab Revolt, September 1918; The Checkerboard SPAD ; Koblenz Carnival Showbird color profiles; Aircraft: Nick Caudwell’s Sopwith Snipe Reproduction, Tim Plunkett’s Fokker D.VII reproduction; Museums & Organizations: Centenary of Military Aviation in Australia, TVAL Evening WWI Airshow; Models (WRAM Show); Aero Sim Flying (landing the Albatros); New Releases; Publications; Wants & Disposals

Skyways #106 – April 2014
80 pages – SPECIAL LOCKHEED VEGA ISSUE: Lockheed Boasts Enviable Achievement; Remaining Lockheed Vegas; NC12288 to fly again – Excerpts from Antique Airplane Ass’n News – Brent Taylor; NC12288 – First Flight Photos – Francois Bergeon; NC12288 – Photo history:1933 through 1983; Golden Treasures – NASM’s Winnie Mae, Then and Now – Tom Polapink; NC13705, Shell’s Vega – Gerry Schwam; NC13705 – Photos from an Earlier Time –Dave Ostrowski Collection ; NC105W – Vega Restoration Updates- Kermit Weeks ; Lockheed Vega Scrapbook; Choosing an Airplane Structure; Between Aviators and Aerial Applicators – Charles Peter Colomello ; Sun-N-Fun 2014: Photo Report – Clay Hammond; Touchdown at Britton Field – Photo Collage from Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Archives; Gallery of Aircraft on Edo Floats – Joshua Stoff / Cradle of Aviation; Random Aircraft from the Late ‘20s and Early ‘30s – Air-istocrat, Mac Airliner, Airmaster Monoplane & the Pander Lightplane; Models – Lou Buffardi; Claudio Luchina’s Latest Models; From the Members; W&D; Advertisements; How to get PDF and Print Issues of WWI AERO and SKYWAYS; New Merchandise from WWI AERO & SKYWAYS!

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