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World War I Aeroplanes, Inc.
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Historical Documents and Drawings

World War 1 Aeroplanes, Inc.
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In carrying out its mission to keep interest in early aviation history alive, World War I Aeroplanes Inc. provides researchers and modelers with historical information about early aircraft. The information provided is purely historical in nature and has been collected by the Organization over the years from many sources, without any attempt to verify its suitability for any particular purposes, technical accuracy, engineering reliability, FAA certification or any other aspect not explicitly described by WW1 Aeroplanes. The inclusion of third-party materials in the MML, whether distributed through WW1 Aeroplanes or acquired from an address included in the MML, does not constitute an explicit or implied endorsement of their contents, accuracy, suitability or anything else.

NOTICE: These items are provided for historical and reference use only. World War I Aeroplanes, Inc. and its donors assume no liability for any loss or damage resulting from or in any way connected to other use of this information. Not for commercial use or further dissemination.

These reproductions from the Organization