New Issues of WW1 Aero and Skyways Now Available!

218 105

Our organization is proud to announce the release of our latest issues of WW1 Aero & Skyways, which are now available in both print and PDF formats! These new issues can be purchased by visiting our online store, where you can also find and a huge selection of back issues.


WW1 Aero 218, Feb 2014, 100 pages – And Triumphed Over All (Part 3): Marcel-Georges Brindejonc des Moulinais, Maurice Guillaux and the Pommery Cup; Morane-Saulnier Monoplanes (Part 2); A Summary of Daimler Aero Engines: Aircraft (Part 2); Moonshiners vs. the Military in Mississippi 1918; Flying the Curtiss Jenny (Karli Restoration); Identification X; New Replicraft SPAD VII Drawing Samples; Aircraft: Brian Coughlin’s Sopwith Pup; Museums & Organizations: RAAF Museum Bristol Boxkite Reproduction, Owls Head Transportation Museum SPAD XIII, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome S.E.5a, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Albatros D.Va; Models; Aero Sim Flying (Flying the Albatros); New Releases; Publications; Wants & Disposals

Skyways #105, Jan 2014, 160 pages – SPECIAL DOUBLE ISSUE featuring Standard J-1 and New Standard Aircraft: Ivan Gates; the Barnstorming years; Jim Hammond’s Standard J-1; Poppies from Heaven: A Johnny Miller adventure in the J-1; Photos of J-1s in Museums and Private Collections; Current List of Extant J-1s; A Mercedes-Powered J-1; J-1 – Scrapbooks; J-1 – NC1004; J-1 Factory Drawings; Charles Healy Day and his New Standards – New Standard Listing by c/n; New Standard Scrapbooks; New Standards and Liquor Smuggling; Duster Heaven; Slats Rogers – Duster from the Valley; The White New Standards; Arizona Adobe of Antiques; Restorations: New Standard D-25 NC149M, N930V; Test Flying a D-25, N930V; New Standards N7286, N9119 & N9292 – Latest stories; New Standard N9194 and Old Rhinebeck; Barnstorming Across Generations, New Standard Drawings (Aircraft Yearbook illustrations / Juanita Franzi); New Standard D-29 Planes; New Standard D-29 Scrapbook; New Standard D-29 – NC922V; New Standard D-31; Vintage Flyers III; Models; New Standard add-ons for flight sims; New Standard Advertisements and brochures; W&D

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