Help us to preserve and make available over 15,000 pages of WWI and Golden Age Aviation material from our journals!

WWI Aeroplanes, Inc. is actively working toward making each back issue of WWI AERO and SKYWAYS available as a downloadable PDF file so that anyone with a computer, anywhere in the world will be able to obtain and download issues at any time.

Several WWI AERO issues are still available to us at our print shop in their original digital format.  The cost for us to have these issues converted to PDF will be $250 each to retain maximum quality.

The remaining issues of SKYWAYS and WWI AERO will need to be scanned, which will cost several thousand dollars. The average cost for each of the total issues that we need to make available is $50.

WW1 Aeroplanes, Inc. has launched a “Sponsor a PDF” fundraising campaign aimed at getting all of our remaining issues scanned and made available for present and future generations to have access to, learn from, and enjoy.

$50 donations toward our program will allow us to achieve our goal.

What’s in it for you?

Well, first and foremost, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to preserve and make available some important information concerning early aviation history!

We will provide you with 2 issues of your choice (from the existing collection) of PDFdownloads of either SKYWAYS, WWI AERO, or a combination of both…a $20 value.

We will include your name on our “Wall of Sponsors” and will include a page in each of our subsequent PDF downloads listing our growing number of sponsors  who helped make the issues available.

Contributions can be made by simply by clicking the donate button below and sending along $50 via PayPal.

If you make a donation and would like your two gift PDF download issues, please send us a separate email to ww1aero@gmail.com indicating which issues you would like for us to send you.  You can also send a check made out to:

WWI Aeroplanes Inc.
PO Box 730
Red Hook, NY

Please make a note in the memo field that the check is for the sponsoring a PDF, and again, let us know which PDF issues you would like, and what email address we can use to send them along to you

Thank you for your consideration!


WWI Aeroplanes, Inc. extends our sincere thanks to the following individuals for helping to make our goal possible.

Mike Celeskey
Gordon Harold Dowton
Jonathan Fallon
Ronald Firth
Carroll F. Gray
Knut Erik Hagen
Jed Keck
Juno R/C
Kees Kort
James Lawlor
Vern Nulk
Tom Polapink
Erik Sandem
Marc Shelstrom
Dan Shumaker
Landon Smith
Derek Staha
Joshua Stoff
Sean Tavares