New Issues of WW1 Aero and Skyways Now Available!


Our organization is proud to announce the release of our latest issues of WW1 Aero & Skyways, which are now available in both print and PDF formats! These new issues can be purchased by visiting our online store, where you can also find and a huge selection of back issues.


WW1 Aero #222 – February 2015

100 pages – Pyramids! From The Height Of This Monoplane, 80 Horsepowers Look Down Upon You! Three French Attempts To Fly To Egypt, 1913-14 (Part 2); Spirito Mario Viale and His Engines; Builder’s Report: MOSI Viale 35 hp Engine Reproduction; The Bolling Mission to Europe; An Early All Metal Monoplane Built In The USA: A Jigsaw Puzzle; Drawings: Sopwith Snipe; Aircraft: Nick Caudwell’s Sopwith Snipe Reproduction Takes Flight (Pilot Report),Brian Coughlin’s Sopwith Camel Project; Museums & Organizations: Fighter Factory / Military Aviation Museum Current Projects, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Current / Upcoming Projects, Shuttleworth Collection Current Projects; Models; Aero Sim Flying (News / New Releases / Reviews); Publications; Wants & Disposals

Skyways #109 – January 2015

158 pages – SPECIAL ISSUE! – Featuring Early Cubs: Taylor Chummy B-2 – C.L. Neely; Chummy at Rochester Airport – Art Thieme; Taylor E-2 Cub #1 – Kelch Museum; 35 HP Continental for Light Airplanes; Maintaining the A-40; NC951V: An E-2 Cub’s History, 1934 -1939 – Charles Peter Colomello; NC951V Restoration; Count the Cubs from Taylor to Piper – Paul R. Matt; NC2414 – Larry Sleznikow’s E-2; E-2, J-2 and J-3 Photo Scrapbooks from: Bob Armstrong, Bob Bailey and Barbara Butler, C.P. Colomello, Herb Eisen, Gil Halpin, Tom Polapink, Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum and Cradle of Aviation Museum Collections; E-2 and J-2 Advertisements; US Reg. and s/n’s for E-2 to early J-3 Cubs; The New Cub Monoplane (J-2); Dick and Jeannie Hill, A Cub Couple – Steve Plourde; Tiger Boys Cubs – Eric Dumigan Photos; Twisted Tale of a Taylor J-2 Cub; NC17283 – Jim Wilson; J-2 Cub, NC19252 – Photos Robert Armstrong; NASM’s J-2 Cub, NC20137; Old Rhinebeck’s Taylor J-2, N17834; Sampling of Cubs today and in recent years; J-2 – J-3 Transition Cub, NC21646 – Tom Clouse; Cub Drawings from the Chummy to the J-3; Models; “Cub-lications”

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