NEW ISSUE: WW1 Aero #223 Now Available!


100 pages – Pyramids! From The Height Of This Monoplane, 80 Horsepowers Look Down Upon You! Three French Attempts To Fly To Egypt, 1913-14 (Part 3); A Foundation of Science; The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome’s Fokker Eindecker Comes Out of Storage; TAVAS Fokker E.III; Drawings (Fokker Eindecker); Aircraft: Brian Coughlin’s Fokker D.VIII / Barber Valkyrie / Sopwith Pup, Craftlab Vienna Project Updates; Museums & Organizations: 2014 Great War Aeroplanes Association Dawn Patrol Rendezvous, TAVAS Bristol Fighter, Shuttleworth Sopwith Camel / Triplane; Models; Historiography; Wants & Disposals

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