Content Submission

Thank you for your interest in supplying content for a future issue of WW1 Aero or Skyways! Our journals are made up of articles provided by a worldwide network of early aviation enthusiasts, and serve not only as a source of in-depth information about antique aircraft, but also as a conduit for the community so they can, in the words of our founder Leo Opdycke, “share, reach out to others, and build on the communal collections of information and parts and pictures”, while also working to “put people with extra things in touch with others who need those particular things”.

By contributing content to our journals, you are helping to preserve the history of the machines, showcase the achievements of their designers, constructors and pilots, and perpetuate continued interest in aviation history. Our editors are always on the lookout for content dealing with topics such as:

– Historical Subjects / Research
– Current Events / Air Shows
– Aircraft Restorations or Reproductions
– Aircraft Engines / Instruments / Construction Methods
– Model Projects
– Unpublished Period Photos
– Rare or Unusual Historical Aviation Information or Related Stories
– Historical Drawings and Documents Relating to Aviation History

If you would like additional information, or if you would like to submit an article or press release for consideration, please contact our editors using the information below:

WW1 Aero (Pre-1919): editor[at]
Skyways (1920-1940): skyways.journal[at]