Clay Hammond Discusses the New Standard D-25 [Video]

Here’s a video that we shot back in September of 2012, that features Clay Hammond being interviewed by Sean Tavares about the New Standard D-25. We recorded it knowing we would eventually put together a Special Issue of Skyways focusing on the D-25 and Standard J-1. Here Clay and Sean discuss some early New Standard history, some of the D-25s flying today, and flying characteristics of the type. This was filmed in the workshop of the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome just as heavy thunderstorms were passing through the area. You’ll also get a sneak-peek at the issue at the end of the video.

The SKYWAYS special issue is 160 pages long and features a compilation of articles on Standard J-1 and New Standard history, photos drawings and news of restorations and the whereabouts of the surviving aircraft today. Aviation artist Juanita Franzi created a special set of 3-view drawings of the D-25 and variants for our issue, which is currently available in print and PDF formats from our online store.

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