Back Issue: WW1 Aero #169 Now Available in Print and PDF Formats

169144 pages – Cody Pt 1; Beachey; Farman F.40; Fokker Dr.I wing failures; Garland-Lincoln Nieuports; Aircraft (extant Thomas-Morse Scouts), Boulton-Paul P6, contd); Museums/Organizations (RAF Museum’s LVG C.VI, Old Rhinebeck); Engines (Benz Bz.4, Oberursel UR.2); Time’s Tarmac (early Romanian, 1st issue CROSS & COCKADE); Cockpits & Instruments LXI (Breguet XIV.B2); Models (Koutny’s peanuts, Cooper’s Snipe); Drawings (Caddo Field (HELL’S ANGELS) models, ZFM Nieuport 11, Alb ODD factory dwgs. Jenny wing assembly, Pégoud’s Bleriot XI, Avro 523 factory dwgs, Curtiss F5L, article on availability of FAA dwgs); Publications; W&D (original SE5 wings for sale; German Special WWI Collection Sale)

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