Back Issue: WW1 Aero #154 Now Available in Print and PDF Formats


144 pages – Aero Club of America Pt 1; building Lilienthal glider; Stashnik Dreadnaught; RAF RE8 Pt III; Fokker D.VII details; Synchronizers Pt VI; Archiv (DFW N.I); IDX; Museums/ Organizations (Vintage Av Svcs, Lafayette Foundation, Cradle of Av Museum, Owl’s Head, Walt Redfern; the Big Dayton Fly-In; Time’s Tarmac; Cockpits & Instruments (Camels, etc); Propellers (German props, decals; French design/construction); Engines; dwgs (Vickers Vimy, Etrich Taube, Spad 7 project, Scale Judging, cont’d, Italian observation balloons); Models; Film; Publications; Letters; Historiography

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