Back Issue: WW1 Aero #145 Now Available in Print and PDF Formats

144 pages – Ludlow; Hyde Wright B; Pigeon Hollow Spar Co (Pigeon-Fraser); BE2a(?) wings; repro Sikorsky S-16; Albatros H l; Roland C.II, (dwgs) repro Brandenburg C.I; IDX; Time’s Tarmac (Thomas BP Battleplane); Synchronizers IV; Cockpits XL; Museums (Skysport Eng, Visit to Messers Humbers Ltd); Archiv; Engines (cannon thru propellers); dwgs (Cash D.VIII model; Fischer D.VI; Mayrhofer Alb D.III); Film; Gallery; Models (Proctor’s E.III); Letters (Knowlton D.VII name-plate); Publications

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