Back Issue: WW1 Aero #144 Now Available in Print and PDF Formats


144 pages – Curtiss Pushers II; Packard-Lepere LUSAC-ll; LUSAGH-ll; LUSAO-ll; Roland D.VIb; armoured fuel tanks; the Salvus parachute; repro Fokker Dr.Is; Dwgs (Junkers J.I, Spad A.l, Beardmores, aerial bombs, Morane H; AR.l fus, Mozhaiski 1883); Cockpits XXXIX; Pilot Reports (new British Camel); Museums; Time’s Tarmac; Spettacolo Italiano (Lancia engine); Engines (incl Wright Field installation dwgs); Models; R/C model of Ader’s Eole; Letters (more on unequal-span wings); Publications

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