Back Issue: WW1 Aero #143 Now Available in Print and PDF Formats


144 pages – Cole Palen; Historiography (John Morrow) Maxim’s Device; Curtiss Pushers I; Burgess XIV; Hubner; Roland D.VIb; SE5a Sqdn News; Pilot Reports (D.VIIIs, Sopwith Triplane, Nieuport 12); Cockpits XXXVIII; Archiv (German aero engines); Engines; Substituting for WW1 Engines; Problems with the 200hp French Hispano-Suiza; Time’s Tarmac (Vedrines-Astoux; de Bruyere C.l; Breda-Tebaldi-Zari); Museums; Dwgs (Staaken R.VI, misc 3-views, Fokker D.VII prop, compass); Models (1:1 Pensuti); Film (HELL’S ANGELS, cont’d); Letters; Publications

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